Winter Storm Warning for much of our area

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Numerous counties have been placed under a Winter Storm Warning for our area. This kicks in during the afternoon and runs through Monday morning. Folk in southern and eastern Kentucky fall in the Winter Weather Advisory category.

Here's the breakdown:

-Rain you are seeing right now and through the afternoon is NOT our area of concern. The rain we see during most of the day has been triggered by a cold front. A disturbance will ride along that front and that's when our concerns are heightened.

-Due to the temperature setup across Kentucky we'll have a little of everything thrown at us. That means a period of rain, sleet, freezing rain, and snow.

-Snow could come down at a pretty good rate. Meaning we could see some quick accumulations.

-Any snow that falls will likely be on the heavy wet side. This is the type of snow that causes power outages.

-Throw in a layer of ice under that snow and we are talking about two factors that will work together to cause power issues.

You can track the graphic attached to this story for the specifics on snow totals.