Winter weather supplies running low

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) Managers of hardware stores across the bluegrass tell us their shelves help tell the story of this cold, snowy winter.

With seven weeks to go until spring, they say they're already running low on salt, heaters, and other winter weather supplies.

It isn't Will Edwards first winter working at Chevy Chase Hardware, “I started working here when I was about 17,” but this winter is one of the worst ones he's seen.

“I’d say this is probably about number three or so. The worst one that I can remember was the ice storm of 2003,” said Will Edwards, the Assistant Manager at Chevy Chase Hardware.

The bitterly cold temperatures we're seeing more than a decade after the 2003 ice storm means that one item is once again in hot demand---- salt.

“We have definitely sold several thousand pounds of salt and about 3-4 times than we did last year. This winter has definitely boosted business especially compared to last winter.”

Record-breaking lows have also made the demand for another item much higher than the supply itself.

One of the items sold out in mostly all hardware stores around Lexington is heat tape, which prevents pipes from busting.

It’s recommended that folks are more proactive than reactive when it comes to preparing for winter weather, especially since many meteorologists say that this winter weather is far from over.

“We haven’t seen our biggest snow yet and that is the moral of the story across central and eastern Kentucky,” said WKYT Chief Meteorologist Chris Bailey.

The moral of the story for shoppers is to stock up the best you can on items like heaters, insulators and ice melter because with another blast of winter weather ahead - it's better to be safe than sorry.

WKYT’s Chief Meteorologist Chris Bailey says so far this month, we've had 12 days in the single digits in Lexington which is the most Lexington has had in January since 1977.

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