Witness: Explosion heard at Lexington house fire

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Neighbors say they heard a loud "boom" before looking out and seeing a home on Clays Mill Road, near Cromwell, on fire.

"It was pretty scary. I was walking out to go to my car and I just saw the whole thing just explode," described Whitney Lowry.

She still can't believe what she saw just after four this afternoon.

"The car and the windows came bulging out," she elaborated.

What she saw next, really sent her running over to help out, "When I first walked out here, I saw the old man coming out of the house. His face was like completely burned and he was bleeding all over."

Lowry said she was nearing the home when a passer-by stopped to helped the man and waved Lowry away from the fiery home.

"We were worried about his getting his wife out because the whole thing was on fire. She was in the back of the house," stated Lowry.

The woman made it out the back door safely, according to neighbors across the street. They declined to comment on camera, but did say the man had to be taken to the hospital to be treated for his burns.

"I just hope they're okay and that's it, because he was burned pretty bad," expressed Lowry.

While the damage to the home was bad, the fire department said much of the house was spared because the flames spread from the garage, up the outer wall, and into the attic.

The fire department has not released a cause of the fire, and say it is still under investigation. The victim's name was not released.

The fire department says one of their fire fighters was injured, but they say it was just a minor leg injury.

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