Witnesses help police find robbery suspect

GEORGETOWN, Ky (WKYT) - Police say information from a witness led them to a robber before they'd even had a chance to finish gathering evidence.

Georgetown Police arrested 25 year-old Eldra Alfonzo Whitney III on Wednesday and charged him with robbery. They say he held up the Cash Express on Paris Pike at knife-point and then drove away.

Police say while the robbery was happening someone who saw Whitney park his car called them.

"In the meantime a witness walked down, saw where the gentleman parked, got the license plate number off the vehicle,and called it in to the police department," said Captain Ronnie Wagoner with Georgetown Police.

That witness said he saw a man with his face covered run toward the Cash Express. He didn't want to be identified but at least three other people working in a nearby business also saw the robber

"Saw an individual running from the street side, wearing a hoodie, bandanna over his face, black clothes. He was running from something and we thought it best to call," said Bueford McDonald who works at Lykins Oil next to the Cash Express.

Police say dispatchers were able to use that license plate number to lead them Whitney's apartment. He was sitting in his car when police arrested him.

They say once they began questioning Whitney he confessed to the robbery.

Police are still working to see if there's a connection between this robbery and several others they've had recently.

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