Wolfe Co. store forced to close due to propane shortage reopens

CAMPTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A local store in Wolfe County reopened Tuesday. Halsey's Country Store had to close Monday because they didn't have any heat. They're one of many businesses and homes in the state having trouble getting propane.

"This whole area's been wiped out. We don't have any heat tape. We have a little bit of pipe insulation left," says store owner Darrell Halsey.

Halsey knows what it's like to run out of supplies when you need them most.

"Manufacturer can't make it. Distributor can't distribute, and we can't retail it out," says Halsey.

His supply shortage is a lot like the propane shortage across the state. Right now, demand is high. Many are having to do more with less.

"We will probably try to resort to some other type of heat. Electric heat pump or some kind of wood furnace because we just noticed our propane bill went up. Which I guess that's a reflection on supply and demand," Halsey says.

In Frankfort on Tuesday, state leaders reassured Kentuckians that they would temporarily loosen federal requirements to ensure speedy delivery of propane to paying customers.

"It's a really trying time. My mother and father, 70 years old, they're having to do without propane, trying to heat with the fireplace, and we're carrying their wood in for them. That's the people that I'm concerned about. I can survive it, but some of the older people really struggle during this time," says Halsey.

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