Wolfe County Schools await snow days bill for relief

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WOLFE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Tuesday's snow put school districts across the state on edge as they hoped to not have another snow day. In Wolfe County, they've already racked up more than 30 and are still crossing their fingers that a snows days bill is passed in Frankfort.

They didn't let the snow get to them on Tuesday in Wolfe County, but it has all winter.

"It's been a really hard winter," said Superintendent Kenny Bell, with Wolfe County Schools. "It's been a long winter."

Calling off school for Superintendent Kenny Bell was a difficult decision each time it snowed. And now the school district is stuck with 32 days missed because of the harsh winter.

"When you start missing more, it starts weighing on your mind," said Supt. Bell. "But at the end of the day, student safety is the most important thing and we're going to err on the side of caution. But it makes it very difficult because you have a lot of things to consider, like proms, testing windows, end of school, and graduation."

And with no snow days bill agreed on in Frankfort, the superintendent says they're trying harder than ever to make up the time.

"It is frustrating," said Supt. Bell. "We build in everything that we can. First, we started on August 7, so we start very early in anticipation for bad winters which can be bad in rural counties. And we add 15 minutes to each instructional day from the beginning of the school year which allows us to have seven days as make up time if we need them built into our calendar and still meet the minimum requirements from the state department."

Attending school on President's Day and all of spring break saves them six more days, so that gets Wolfe County down to 19 days to make up, pushing their end date to June 12 as long as they don't have anymore snow days.

"There was not any resistance to spring break," said Supt. Bell. "I think everybody was on board that we missed a lot of time, and we need to have our children in school and be educating them."

The Wolfe County School District even has an innovative pilot program that requires students to take homework with them during winter storms. They've had ten of those snow bound days this year, and they're still working with the state to have those count as instructional days.

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