Woman accused in Georgetown attack on WWII veteran arrested

She's been on the run for three weeks, but now, a woman accused in a brutal attack of a Georgetown World War II veteran is now in custody.

Lexington Police arrested Amanda Pergram, 34, Thursday near the Speedway on Broadway.

Police say on December 21, Pergram attacked Ralph Covington, 90, after he refused to give her some money. He says the attack left him with a broken jaw, a concussion, and cuts all over his face.

Covington tells us he's gotten support from all over Georgetown and beyond.

"I went to Walmart and it took me about an hour and a half. I had people lined up wanting to talk to me and apologize, say we're sorry, we're praying for you, we wish this hadn't have happened. Everybody wants to help me since I've been on Facebook all over the United States. It's right nice that people are concerned, you know, not knowing me," Covington said.

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