Woman arrested, charged with impersonating a nurse

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MOUNT VERNON, Ky. (WKYT) - Police call it an extreme case of dress up! 40-year-old Samantha Key of London is in the Rockcastle County Detention Center charged with impersonating a nurse.

The series of bizarre events started last week at Rockcastle Regional Hospital where we're told employees started to get suspicious after they repeatedly spotted an unknown woman, dressed like a nurse, walking up and down the halls of the hospital.

Little did they know that that woman, Samantha Key, is not a qualified nurse and has no medical training, according to police.

A spokesperson for the hospital says Key had been walking around the hospital's campus wearing blue scrubs since the beginning of the week.

We’re told that when Key was asked why she was there, she either claimed to work at another hospital or she said she was visiting a relative.

But finally on Saturday-- Key was caught.

“I think it’s pretty crazy I don't know how she went five days without someone noticing,” said Kim Luna, a relative of a patient at Rockcastle Regional Hospital.

The hospital spokeswoman says on Saturday, Key once again visited the hospital but this time, she allegedly showed security a fake employee ID and tried to convince them that she worked there.

That's when hospital security contacted police and a short time later Key was arrested and charged with Knowingly Practice/Represent Nursing Without a License1st degree.

Police tell us that Key never actually performed any medical procedures. They say she most just walked around, talked to hospital employees and pretended to be a nurse.

Police say she didn't steal anything from the hospital.

Samantha Key declined our request for an interview from jail.

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