Woman captures her own assault on video

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When Gwen Watts tried to get the plate number of a man she thought was a thief, she didn't think it would end with her being attacked on the road.

"I just knew I needed to get evidence so I could maybe get this person stopped. There's been so many break-ins around this area and I hope this is the guy. I hope we can get him," she said. On Monday afternoon, Watts heard a loud truck on her nearby parents' property. She knew no one should be there.

"She has nothing left in the home. It is only a shell at this point due to the robberies we have had lately," she said.

Watts said she pulled up behind her parents' shed to find a man approaching the door. She said he jumped back into his truck and took off when he saw her. She decided to follow. She realized she had a camera in her purse, so she started recording video. Watts doesn't know how fast they were going, only that she wanted that plate number. Then, video shows the truck stop and the driver approach.

"What is your *expletive* problem?" the driver shouts.

"What are you doing on my *expletive* property?" Watts shouts back.

"What is your *expletive* problem?" the driver shouts again.

The video then becomes a blur as Watts and the driver appear to get into an altercation.

"I've just got the film rolling, that's all I know to do. I don't have any protection other than just myself," Watts said.

Watts had some scrapes and bruises, nothing too serious. She says she'd do it again in a heartbeat.

"I will fight for my family. This is...my dad built this and it means everything to me and I will do everything I can to protect my family," she said.

Laurel County sheriff's deputies say they've gotten several tips about who the driver may be.

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