Woman charged with manslaughter one year after deadly crash

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SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - More than a year after a deadly crash in Scott County, police have made an arrest.

The night of April 8th 2013, Jedidiah Shepherd learned that his brother, 25-year-old Seth Gibson, had been killed in a car accident along the back roads in Scott County.

“Seth left that night and we knew that he was going to pick Carolyn Bruenig up,” said Seth’s brother, Jedidiah Shepherd.

“They were basically just driving down the road when someone lost control and basically crashed off the embankment.”

Police say the driver over-corrected, causing the car to careen out of control into the tree line.

Seth Gibson was pronounced dead on the scene while Carolyn suffered non life- threatening injuries.

At the time, Carolyn allegedly told police that she was in the back seat of the car and that a man who she didn't know was driving.

But this week, police arrested Carolyn, saying that they now have enough evidence to conclude that she was the one driving at the time of the crash.

She’s now charged with manslaughter and DUI and being held in the Scott County Regional Detention Center.

“I don’t know how someone could continue going on knowing that they caused someone to die in a wreck,” Shepherd told WKYT on Saturday.

“She was constantly on Facebook posting stuff. It was like nothing had ever happened.”

Although Carolyn’s arrest doesn’t bring Seth back, Shepherd says it does bring Seth some justice.

“The pain isn’t going to go away. We’re just going to be able to deal with it better.”

We’re told that Seth Gibson and Carolyn Bruenig knew one another and possibly worked together at a gas station in Lexington.

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