Lexington woman pleads not guilty to stalking a child

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A not guilty plea was entered Tuesday afternoon for a woman Lexington police arrested for stalking a child.

The case against 42-year old Juliann Reynolds went in front of a Fayette District judge Tuesday afternoon. She is charged with 2nd degree stalking. Reynolds did not appear in court, her attorney entered a not guilty plea.

Lexington Police say the Fayette County School system has an extensive documentation of incidents involving Reynolds. The most recent incident was last Wednesday, when police responded to a harassment call. A juvenile girl told investigators that as she was crossing the road on her way to school, Reynolds exited the wrong way out of a parking lot and accelerated toward the child. The child says she was forced to jump out of the way.

According to court documents obtained by WKYT, Reynolds admitted that she accelerated her car, but only because she was headed to a nearby home to pick something up. Investigators followed up with that homeowner, who denied Reynolds' claim, and even told police Reynolds had asked her to lie on her behalf.

Also in the arrest warrant report, according to the victim and her mother, the victims classroom has been locked down as a result of actions taken by Reynolds.

The detective notes that those incidents have been documented by the school system and Lexington Police.

However a representative for the school system, Lisa Deffendall, tells us there is no record of a class room lock down, and clarified that all classrooms are locked between passing periods as a safety precaution.
Deffendall went on to say that, "They have handled conflicts between these individuals in the past, and taken steps to insure the safety of everyone involved," the conflicts mentioned being between Reynolds and the victim's mother.

"Stalking a child and trying to run them over?" a shocked Alyse Dickersonexclaimed after our crews explained why they were getting video of the middle school. "It just seems ridiculous," she said.

Dickerson has lived next door to the school for months and while she says she doesn't know the people involved, she does say she's never seen anything similar to what Reynolds is accuseed of.

The judge set a preliminary hearing for Reynolds on April 15.

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