Woman drives car into Pulaski Co. creek

PULASKI COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - (somerset, Ky.) WKYT- It must have been a strange site for the early morning fishermen on Fishing Creek, on the headwaters of a Lake Cumberland...a truck nearly covered in water. They called for help.

"Divers went in, and took the plate off, ran the plate, searched the car, no one in it," said Pulaski County Public Safety Director Tiger Robinson.

The driver returned not long after and told police she had tried unsuccessfully to drive across the creek...when just two weeks before...there was no danger.

"In the recent rains we have gotten and so forth, we are not letting any water out of the dam. We're holding all the water we get so these headwaters are filling back up and it will be like it was several years ago," said Robinson.

She got stuck 300 feet across the creek and escaped by breaking out a back window.

"Just cold and wet, the water temperature was about 60 degrees," he said.

This area where the incident happened is known as oil center, the fishing creek area and its waters flow into Lake Cumberland. As the lake rises, the waters that flow into the lake will be rising as well.

Officials say the driver lives on the other side of the creek...and for years was able to drive across it without any trouble.

"People that should or could have turned around, need to do that now. The water holes are filling up again.Not shallow crosses like there has been," Robinson said.

The woman was not hurt in the incident.

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