Bus monitor falls out of moving school bus in Knox County

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KNOX COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT)- A Knox County school bus monitor is fighting for her life after police say she fell out of a moving school bus Wednesday afternoon.

State police say the bus monitor, 63-year-old Sueanne Sizemore, was trying to pick up a clipboard that had fallen into the bus stairwell.

KSP tell WKYT the driver was taking students to a school on Highway 830 and glanced over to make sure Sizemore didn't lose her footing while she tried to pick up the clipboard.

We're told when the driver looked back at the road, he realized the bus was no longer on the highway and swerved to avoid mailboxes, causing Sizemore to lose her balance.

State police say she fell through the bus doors, even though they were closed, and hit the pavement.

"A school bus is supposed to be safe, and yet she flew right through the door, it's bizarre," said her nephew Johsua Asher.

State police tell WKYT Sizemore flew through the bus door because it only requires 43 pounds of pressure to open.

The Barbourville School Transportation Department, which shares school buses and bus drivers in Knox County, says state policy dictates that students and adults shouldn't stand while the bus is moving or cross the white line in the front of the bus.

"Honestly, she should've waited until the bus wasn't in motion to get the clipboard because it is unsafe to stand up on a bus," said Asher.

He tells us Sizemore was airlifted to UK Hospital and is in critical condition.

The school board isn't saying how many students were on the bus but we're told grief counselors were available for students Thursday.

According to the board, they will wait for the results of the investigation before they take any action against the driver.

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