Injuries on Lake Cumberland prompt workers to stress boating safety

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Four people are recovering after two different Saturday night boating accidents at Lake Cumberland.

The first call came in around 9pm from the Conley Bottom Resort area.

Police say a young woman was thrown from a jet ski, she was flown to the UK Hospital.

A couple hours later, two boats collided on Beaver Creek and Otter Creek, two men were flown to a hospital and a woman was injured.

Police say they believe alcohol was a factor in that crash.

"Just be very very careful," said Conley Bottom Resort deck hand Tommy Dishman, "I know right now we're currently here at Conley Bottom you're in a dry county. So you do need to be careful, and water patrol if they do see you with alcohol...just don't be ridiculous."

And say once the sun goes down, to use even more caution for those around you.

"For the most part, people around here use common sense," said Dishman, "And that's going to be your best friend actually here on the lake is common sense. Be courteous, know your surroundings, and be aware of the other boaters as well."

Officials say these rules are even more important as the busy Fourth of July weekend approaches.

Police say the crashes remain under investigation.

A woman was injured in a jet skiing accident on Lake Cumberland Saturday night.

Wayne County dispatch say it happened around 9 p.m. near the Conley Bottom Resort.

They say a young woman was injured when she was thrown from a jet ski.

Paramedics had the fly her to a hospital from the scene.

There is no word yet on the extent of the woman's injuries or if anyone else was hurt.

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