Woman found Lexington robbery suspect through Google

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A woman who was robbed more than a week ago was able to identify the man who stole $400 from her by searching for him on Google, according to police.

Police say that on June 20th, the victim was at a party in a house on Rugby Road when Darius Franklin, 21, followed her into a bedroom where two children were asleep. The victim says Franklin pulled a gun on her and demanded money. She says she gave him about $400 and he ran out of the house.

Later that afternoon, police say she contacted them and said she was able to identify the man who she said robbed her. She told the police that her step-father had learned from a friend that a man named Darius Franklin matched the description of the man who had robbed her.

She told police that she searched Google for Darius Franklin, and found a photo that matched the description of the suspected robber.

Police say she later identified Franklin through a line-up of suspect photographs.

He was arrested and will be arraigned in court on Monday afternoon.

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