Woman injured after robber drags her across gas station parking lot

LEXINGTON, Ky (WKYT) - When Lexington Police first got the call Wednesday night they thought they were responding to someone hit by a car at the Richmond Road Shell near the Walmart. But once officers were on the scene they discovered that victim wasn't hit by a car, she was dragged by it.

The incident started when a woman buying a Poweball ticket set her purse on the counter. That's when a man grabbed it.

"The victim decided to fight back, as she was holding on to one end of the purse he was holding on to the other end and proceeded to drag her outside of the store into the parking lot," said Lexington Police spokesperson Sherelle Roberts.

Once that man had the victim's purse police say he got in a car and took off but she tried to stop the robber one more time.

"As he was preparing to drive away the victim grabbed the handle of his car and as he was continuing to drive away she held on and was dragged by the car," Roberts said.

She eventually let go. Police say she suffered non life-threatening but serious injuries. The robber sped away.

Police say they understand the desire to not become a victim, but they say complying with a robber should be the first option.

"When you're dealing with a situation where a vehicle is involved and someone is trying to get away it could have turned out much worse," Roberts said.

Police have some information they believe will lead them to the person who owns the vehicle and possibly the person who was driving it when this robbery happened.

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