Woman kidnapped at gunpoint in Stanford

It's a terrifying scenario, a woman kidnapped from her apartment at gunpoint.

The crime happened Tuesday in Stanford. The victim in this case wasn't hurt, but police say she spent almost an hour at gunpoint before being released.

The victim's brother said the man who came into her apartment used a key, which they believe he got from someone who knows the victim.

Once inside, police say the man took her at gunpoint and made her drive her car to a church in Stanford. He then forced her to call her mother to drop off money at that church before releasing her and driving away without picking that money up.

Her car was found just a few miles away at the Stanford Walmart. Witnesses told police they saw a man matching the description of the abductor head toward a nearby Rite Aid. Police brought out search dogs, but were unable to find him.

"She's not familiar with the individual who abducted her, and we don't know why she was selected for this particular crime," said Stanford Police Captain, Barry Allen.

The money that was dropped off at the church was actually recovered by a man who lives nearby. He turned it over to police.

Police say they don't have the name of the kidnapper, but they do know he was familiar with Stanford.

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