James Caldwell arraigned in Lexington

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A man Lexington police say threatened to kill a woman, her family and complete strangers is back in Lexington and was arraigned in court Friday afternoon.

James Caldwell was booked into the Fayette County Detention Center late Thursday night. Lexington police have charged him with stalking and terroristic threatening.

Junell Harris says she's been around James Caldwell several times before.

"He was friendly, he was very nice and spoke very nicely of her," Harris told WKYT.

Caldwell used to work with her daughter.

"I think back about it now, I think I should have had a red flag," Harris said.

Harris says her daughter and Caldwell were friends, occasionally texting and messaging back and forth. But she says Caldwell had a very possessive nature when it came to her daughter, that became obsessive, and reached a disturbing point once her daughter stopped responding to his messages.

"At that point he was threatening to harm himself, he was watching her at work and texting her," Harris said before the arraignment. "He set a box of burnt items out by her car and said things like 'You never know when you come out of the door at work because I've checked, i could be here waiting for you and you wouldn't know it.'"

Harris says one of her biggest concerns is that she went to police months ago asking for a protective order for her daughter. But she says Kentucky law prevented that from happening.

"Apparently, according to Kentucky statutes, unless you're in a domestic relationship, either been married or had a baby together, you cannot get a protection order against anybody," she said.

Harris continued, "She was never allowed to be alone. She lived in fear. And finally, I thought it had subsided. We had not heard anything from him, we had not seen him. Nothing."

Until last Tuesday, when she says she found a letter from Caldwell on her daughter's car.

"We called the police immediately, and they came to the house and read the letter, and they were shocked," Harris said.

In the letter she says Caldwell wrote were lines not only threatening her daughter's life, but the lives of others.
On the first page, it says "I've thought about shooting you at work and then shooting myself or hurting one of your co-workers."

Another line says, "I came up with a plan to hurt random people in
Lexington, then coming and hurting you too, just as a means to cover up the fact that it was me that came after you, like some serial killer was in Lexington."
"Yes, to get you. I've thought about seriously harming complete strangers. I even once followed a couple home in an attempt to prepare victims."

Going even further, he allegedly wrote, "I've thought about getting a super-soaker and as you pull out your keys to open the front door, spraying you with gasoline and setting you on fire."

Harris has said she and her family are considering moving to get away from Caldwell.
She continued, "I will do whatever it takes through the law system, the legal system, to protect my daughter. And that's all I'm trying to do, I want this information out there."

Caldwell was being held in the Whitley County jail after checking himself into a Corbin hospital. He will be arraigned in Lexington Friday afternoon.

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