Woman sentenced for grandmother's death in Whitley Co.

WILLIAMSBURG, Ky. (WKYT) - Georgia Dotson died at the age of 76 in what at first investigators thought was either an accident or natural causes death.

“I can’t trust or believe anyone anymore..even family. I know all of them ain’t that way but she turned out to be,” said Dotson’s son, Roger.

Roger Dotson’s niece, Michele Loy, pleaded guilty to causing her grandmother’s death. And now she’ll serve 20 years in prison. Prosecutors say the motive was over her grandmother’s pain pills.

“Michele was selling the pills. Not giving them to her (Georgia Dotson). She had bruises…mistreatment, resulted in her death,” said Commonwealth’s Attorney Allen Trimble.

Georgia Dotson’s daughter, Patricia Lawson had also been charged, but the charges were officially dismissed Wednesday.

“And the facts did not support any affirmative action by Mrs. Lawson that would have allowed us to present evidence against her,” said Trimble.

Loy had originally been charged with wanton murder but the plea deal lessened the charges.

“I’d like to see her get life but you know it didn’t happen. But I’m pretty satisfied with the outcome,”said Dotson.

Loy will receive credit for time already served in jail..which is just over 1,000 days.

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