Woman sentenced for role in Lincoln Co. lesbian revenge murder plot

STANFORD, Ky. (WKYT) Jessica Callahan was one of 4 women arrested in a murder plot, the alleged target being 82 year old Lois Minnie Goode. But Friday, Callahan was sentenced onjjust a burglary charge.

"I sentence you to 8 years imprisonment," Hon. David Tapp told Callahan at the end of her sentencing hearing Friday in Lincoln Circuit Court in Stanford.

In August police said Callahan was the ringleader in a plot to kill Goode because Callahan wanted revenge over Goode's daughter ending a relationship with her. Police stopped the attack after an observant neighbor noticed some women trying to break into Goode's home on Danville Pike. Police at the time told WKYT that the women used text messages to communicate plans both for the attack...and what they were doing at the time of the incident.

All the women are deaf and mute. One of them even allegedly sent a text message showing her holding up the butcher knife that police believe could have been the murder weapon.

"If I had been home, it would have been bad. I had my great grandbabies with me, they would have been killed too," said Goode from her Hustonville home Friday. She didn't attend the sentencing hearing, saying she's been afraid of the women ever since.

"I'm afraid she might bring some more over and you know, I'm scared," Goode said.

Her attorney said in court Friday that Callahan only talked about the intent to break in and steal from Goode.

"I'd like to strike any reference to the plot to commit murder since her plea was complicitiy to commit burglary," said Callahan's defense attorney.

Her attorney also tried to get probation yet the judge denied that.

"I'm showing prior convictions of assault, terroristic threatening, and wanton endangerment," said Judge Tapp.

Three other women still face charges in the crime.

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