Woman trapped in flipped truck for 40 minutes

CLARK COUNTY, Ky. On Thursday morning, a woman had to wait 40 minutes for help after she lost control of her truck and veered off Wades Mill Road in Clark County, according to officials.

The accident happened around 7:30 this morning, reportedly while the woman was on her way to work. Officials say she lost control, over-corrected, and flipped the Dodge Ram off an embankment. The truck came to rest on its top, pinning the doors shut and trapping the woman upside-down inside.

"When I come down the road people, I done passed people, nobody knew she was down here. If I hadn't seen the limb hanging over on the blacktop, I woulda passed her up," said the driver's husband, Mike Ross. He continued, "I couldn't get her out the driver door, it was under the ground. And I was able to rip the passenger door open."

According to officials, cell service was poor in the area and the woman was unable to get out a call to 911. Her husband reportedly came along looking for her and, after spotting broken tree limbs in the middle of the road, found her flipped truck off the embankment and was able to pull her out.

Emergency services were called and the woman was taken to Clark Regional Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

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