Woman with Ky. ties in middle of manhunt

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WATERTOWN, Ma. (WKYT) - Heather Konar lives in Watertown, Massachusetts. Her mother, J.J. Jackson, works at UK. The first indication of trouble for Konar came last night. She works for M.I.T. and she got an alert that there had been a possible shooting on campus.

"I hope this isn't the real deal. I don't know that I should be alarmed yet, so I went on to bed," she said.

But just a couple of hours later, she says gunfire and explosions rattled her husband out of his sleep.

"He woke me and said, 'Sweetie, I need you to go to the bathroom,' He said, 'Take this pillow and go and get in the bathtub,'," she said.

For two and a half hours, Konar huddled in the tub. When she came out and peeked out the window, she couldn't believe what she saw.

"These twelve guys marching in formation down the street and a big SWAT tank, like, right in front of my house, this was like a military zone...I have never seen anything like that. It was shocking," said Konar.

Konar lives on Spruce Street, right in the middle of the intense manhunt.

"There were tens and dozens of police and SWAT teams around my house. I saw them coming up to my front door. They checked in with us, they made sure that we were ok, and they went and searched my basement," she said.

Konar's stayed in her house all day, following the recommended "shelter-in-place" procedure, unsure of when her life will return to normal.

"Just this waiting game and we're not sure when it will be over. We hope soon," she said.

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