Woman finds tortured kitten

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A kitten found in bad shape in a central Kentucky neighborhood is recovering, as investigators try to figure out if its condition is connected to similar animal abuse cases in the same area.

Vets at Advanced Animal Care in Richmond are still treating the 10-week-old kitten. They say she will likely need surgery, which they hope to begin in a few days. A woman in Richmond found the kitten last night, partially skinned and suffering.

The kitten is skinned in two spots, was punctured with a sharp object, is infested with fleas, and is starving. The vet says she's lucky to be alive.

"We've got her on antibiotics and we're going to give her fluids. She's pretty dehydrated. And we're cleaning these wounds up a couple of times a day," says Dr. Allison Tevis.

Tevis says the kitten also has a respiratory infection, and might have a broken leg and nerve damage.

Lesley Thompson found the kitten on Three Forks Road Thursday night lying at the end of a driveway.

"We stopped to get out and check on it, and it was breathing. It tried to walk a little bit, and so I pickled it up and I could tell that it'd been skinned," Thompson says.

She took the kitten home, but knew it needed more care--treatment for wounds the vet says look suspicious.

"Whatever happened, it's caused some pretty clean margins, some pretty sharp edges," Dr. Tevis says.

Just a month ago, a group of kids found three kittens, mutilated in a similar way, near East Irvine Street. All three died.

"It just breaks my heart. I cant stand the thoughts of anybody being in pain or abused or anything like that," Thompson says.

Dr. Tevis says the kitten should make a recovery.

"If you can get their strength up, they heal amazingly well."

But authorities are left questioning, who could be responsible for this act and the others in the past.

Officials with the Madison County Animal Shelter say because they do not have any evidence to work with, the most important thing is for anyone with any information to come forward and contact authorities.

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