Woman gives birth to baby she wasn't expecting

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This little six pound, seven ounce boy wasn't exactly born in the new year, but the familyl calls him their New Year's gift.

"We're very lucky to have our new member of the family," stated LeAnn Mowery, who's sister, Amanda, didn't even know she was pregnant with the baby boy.

"It was a full-term baby, and she didn't know she was pregnant," said Mowery, "She had taken pregnancy tests and they were all negative."

But Friday evening, standing in her bathroom, surprise! "She was screaming at me saying she had a baby. I thought it was a practical joke," admited Mowery.

"I'm really proud of her, she stayed really calm. She had the [mindset] to catch the baby, and she cleaned his throat out and wrapped it up and everything," boasted Mowery.

The mother named the boy, Chance, a name Mowery says it seems appropriate.

"I remember thinking we didn't have anything for the new baby, at all. We had already given away all of her newborn stuff," chuckled Mowery.

A TV show, on the cable network TLC, shares countless other stories, like this, where woman give birth to babies they were not expecting. In a twist of irony, Mowery says her sister would question how the women on the show could give birth without knowing.

"I couldn't believe it," added Mowery.

Now this mother, with two other boys, has the same story. The family expects the mother and child to be released from the hospital, on Monday.

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