WKYT Crimetracker: Thief snatches woman's purse from her shopping cart

A woman's checkbook was stolen from her purse in Target's Hamburg location, back on September 27th. By the time she returned home, the man had already begun to empty her bank accounts.

Detective Robert Sarrantonio of the Lexington Police Department stressed how quickly purse-snatchers can act to steal your money straight from your bank. "When she called the bank to inform them, the suspect had already written checks at the Wal-Mart in Hamburg totaling more than $500," he said.

According to investigators, five fraudulent checks were written. The suspect tried to use the checks twice more, but those transactions were declined. All in all, the woman lost nearly a thousand dollars to the thief.

Detective Sarrantonio believes the community can assist in catching the criminal. "We're hoping someone can identify him," he said.

The incident serves as a stark reminder for shoppers to remain cautious and vigilant when in stores, and to be careful when turning your back on a purse or wallet left in a shopping cart.

If you have any information you believe would be of assistance, please call the Lexington Police Department.

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