Woodford Co. father accused of trying to sell daughter

WOODFORD COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A Woodford County father is facing some disturbing allegations. Police say Zeferino Ponce tried to sell his 14-year-old daughter to Rufino Vazquez, who lived next door to him. The situation happened at an apartment on Dan Drive. Police tell us the pair had settled on price of $2,900, before a neighbor finally stepped in.

"To sell your kid? I worry enough about my kids out here and my little girl and something happening, let alone a father do it himself," said neighbor David Kirk.

Police say Ponce left Vazquez in the apartment alone with his daughter so Vazquez could engage her sexually, making sure he wanted to buy her. That's when witnesses said the girl ran crying from the apartment.

"Bad people in this world. Just keep a lookout for each other. Stay on guard all the time. It's crazy that you've got to tell little guys that, but the world's different," said Kirk.

Police say Vazquez groped the girl as he tried to catch her. We're told the witnesses confronted him and called the police.
Kirk says the situation has made him more careful about his own kids.

"I've got a baby girl and I just couldn't imagine that. She thinks I'm being mean, I just want her in my sight 24/7," Kirk said.

Vazquez is charged with sexual abuse while Ponce is charged with human trafficking. Police say no money changed hands. Police say Vazquez also had an outstanding warrant for domestic violence.