Woodford County family's string of bad luck continues with fire

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WOODFORD COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Fire fighters say a home on Shotwell lane is badly damaged after a fire flared up Tuesday evening. They described the damage by saying, "what the fire didn't get, the smoke did."

For the Woodford County family living there, this comes just weeks after some of the hardest moments in their life.

"We just have to start over," said Mark Bunch, the owner of the home.

Starting over is rarely easy, but for Bunch and his family they need more than that. They need a break.

"I've got a son that's in Afghanistan, and I worry about him," continued Bunch.

Rightfully so. Bunch said he just got word that his son was hit by a roadside bomb, and while he's okay he does have a cut to his forehead. Then he said his son was also stung by a scorpion. The news gets even tougher, as Bunch said his dad died just two weeks ago.

Now this, a call that his home was on fire while his girlfriend was home alone.

"She was drying clothes and went in the other room and when she came back it was smoking. She ran in there and called 911," Bunch explained.

His girlfriend is alright, but the house is in bad shape.

"Pretty well a total loss, everything is either burned up or it's smoke and water damage," described the victim.

So, starting over won't be easy, but then again not much has been for Bunch.

Fire officials said they're still needing to investigate what started this fire, but they're going to wait until daylight before they take a look. As for Bunch and his family, they expect to stay with family for the night and hope to return on Wednesday to sort through the damage for things they can salvage.

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