Woodford County receives salt shipment just in time for weekend snow

VERSAILLES, Ky. (WKYT) - The salt barn at the Woodford County Road Department is only about a quarter full, after a cold and snowy start to the winter.

"The last storm we had, which was Tuesday, we used about 150 ton of salt," said County Engineer Bruan Smith.

The barn could have been much lower, had it not been for a shipment that arrived late Friday morning, making it a little too close for comfort for county engineer Bruan Smith.

"Up until about an hour ago we were going to be very close. Now I feel more comfortable we'll be able to supply," said Smith.

Crews have nearly 200 miles of county roads to cover. Smith believes the time this upcoming snow will fall combined with the expected conditions will be beneficial with the amount of salt they have on hand.

"We expect radiant heat from the sky. Some heat coming up from the ground," said Smith.

Smith says their problem has been more with delivery than it has been supply, as their supplier is focusing more on needs to the north, where the winter has been worse.

"They've been concentrating on deliveries there because they've been asking for more than we have at this point," said Smith.

The salt comes down the Ohio River on barges and was 24 hours late. But for this upcoming snow event, it arrived just in time.

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