Woodford County woman charged in animal cruelty case, animals up for adoption

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WOODFORD COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A week after investigators say they found dozens of animals dead at a central Kentucky farm, police arrested the woman who owned them.

Cheryll Ford, who also goes by Cheryll Jeffers, now faces animal cruelty charges.

We've been tracking the investigation against her since last Monday when animal control officers say they found horses, cats, dogs, and other animals dead on a farm in Woodford County.

Some dogs survived despite living in a Woodford County barn for weeks surrounded by nearly 30 dead animals.

"We, on top of our daily intake of animals, received 14 dogs today from the hoarding case on Woodlake Drive," said Amy Thomas, who is the public relations director at the Woodford Humane Society.

Horses, donkeys, other dogs, cats, and chickens weren't as lucky. They were found dead by animal control one week ago.

Ford is charged with 28 counts of second degree animal cruelty. According to her arrest citation, it's because she allowed 21 animals to die without any veterinarian care or treatment. She's also charged with 15 counts of first degree disposition of carcasses within 48 hours, which includes a dozen horses and three chickens.

"Some of them are severely malnourished and emaciated and need to gain weight. Some just need grooming and just general vet care," said Thomas.

As for the lucky animals who made it out alive, the Woodford Humane Society has been working with animal control to find them new homes. They are now urging people to adopt.

The dogs will be vaccinated and treated before they are put up for adoption.

Ford is expected to appear in court March 18 in Woodford County.

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