Work continues on Lexington sewer line break

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - It has been a mess that city workers are working to clean up, and have been since Sunday. It's also affecting nearby apartment complexes.

A sewer line broke along Man O' War, near Rapid Run Drive on Sunday, affecting folks at the Enclave Apartments, as well as The Racquet Club. City leaders tell us large pumps are being used to divert the waste water.

We're told a pond and creek at The Racquet Club are in the process of being completely drained and pressure washed after raw sewage flowed into them. Folks who lives nearby have been asked by the city to avoid that area.

Letters were posted on the doors of people living at the Enclave telling residents to avoid their park area because of toxic waste. We tried talking with managers at both apartment complexes involved, but both said the city is handling it.

City crews have contained the leak, and say it's not a danger to the public.

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