Powell County worker released from hospital after lightning strike

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POWELL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Lightning sent Powell County Solid Waste Coordinator James "Kenny" Case to the hospital as storms rolled through Kentucky Monday morning.

It happened at the Powell County Transfer Station on Highway 15 in Stanton.

Employees say Case was helping a customer when lightning hit an outbuilding nearby, transferring electricity to his body. Powell County Judge-Executive James Anderson says he's known Case and his family for a long time.

"He takes a lot of pride in his job. He would be the one jumping out to do something. He would be the one you'd expect to be in a position like this," said Anderson.

Powell County Detention Center Deputy Chief Danny Allen witnessed the lightning strike.

"It hit close enough, it threw him, and I called 911," said Allen.

Allen doesn't regularly spend his mornings at the station. He was there searching for an escaped inmate. Joshua Sparks, 26, walked away from the transfer station. He was serving time for theft and was there as part of the work release program. Allen says his search was stopped once he saw what happened to Case.

"He was hurting in some places, and having some trouble. He was talking, he was alert, and he knew everything that was going on," explained Allen.

Case's daughter, Candace, told WKYT Monday evening that he was recovering and they expected him to go home Tuesday.

"At first it was hard to look at him like that, but the more I went back there the better he got, now he's joking and laughing and making fun of me," she said.

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