Workers deal with high temperatures in Lexington

A lot of people are going to be spending the day inside, in air conditioned offices, but there are also a lot of people working outside in the sweltering heat.

A crew we met up with has been working on a sewer line in Lexington. As of noon, temperatures are already close to 90, with heat indices getting close to 100 degrees throughout the day.

The crew is taking precautions, such as dressing for the weather and making sure they don't overdo it, and they say their company makes sure they stay safe.

"It's hot, but our company supplies us water and they encourage us to take breaks and get in the shade," says David Wendling, who's having to work in the heat.

If you have to be outside, always keep sunscreen on, preferably SPF 30 or more. Also, wear light- colored and loose-fitting clothing. Take breaks and find air-conditioning.

Also, look out for warning signs that someone might be overheating. One warning sign of heat exhaustion is when someone stops sweating, that's when you know they've gone past the point where they're dehydrated.

Of course, it is extremely dangerous for anyone to be left in a car in any kind of heat, especially young children. With the temperatures in the 90's outside, temperatures in a car rise well above 100 quickly.

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