Yarmuth speaks out for gun measures following Conn. massacre

It's been an emotional several days for people all over the country, and Kentucky's politicians are no exception. The tragedy in Connecticut has people across the country buzzing about gun control and school safety.

Now Kentucky's politicians are grappling with what to do, and how do it, to make sure this type of tragedy never touches another community.

Choking back tears, Congressman John Yarmuth says he's received hundreds of calls about gun control. Monday, Congressman Yarmuth apologized for what he called his inaction on Capital Hill

"I have been largely silent on the issue of gun violence over the last 6 years," says Congressman Yarmuth, "and I am now as sorry for that as for the families that lost so much in the most recent, but sadly not isolated tragedy."

Yarmuth says he believes politicians have been bullied by the NRA and urged them to come together to take action.

"I intend to be a part of that action," Yarmuth pledged, "and I promise, my constituents, the families of the bereaved in Connecticut, my own family and every American family, I will not be silent any longer."

Meanwhile, Governor Steve Beshear says he too wants to work, listen, and instate meaningful change.

"I'm a strong proponent of the 2nd amendment and Connecticut has pretty strong gun laws but it didn't prevent this from happening," Beshear said. "I want to make sure we do everything we can to protect our kids. I'm not smart enough to have all the answers, but I'm smart enough to listen."

State Representative Richard Henderson is also speaking out. He says he intends to form a task force to look at requiring additional safety measures at Kentucky public schools. In a statement, Rep. Henderson says he doesn't know if this is economically feasible , but he does intend to explore the possibility of providing armed safety officers and or metal detectors in every public school.

Gov. Beshear also stressed the importance of engaging politicians across the nation for the most effective policy changes. Changes he says, will keep the nation's children safe.

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