Yes, Mamm program helps with cost of breast cancer screening

Lexington, Ky. (WKYT)- Its no secret that mammograms save lives, but for many the cost of getting the procedure done is a huge barrier.

In WKYT's January Talk Pink Amber Philpott has more on the new program that is saying "Yes, Mamm" to women who think they can't afford the life saving screening.

It's a new year and 48-year-old Bridgette Lester is doing something she never puts off, her yearly mammogram.

" I do think its very important to get those exams done annually so you catch anything you don't catch when you are doing your self exams," said Bridgette Lester.

Saint Joseph Jessamine has turned what some women dread into an experience of relaxation.

"This is not your mother's mammogram, it's a beautiful spa like settings, its an easy thing," said Di Boyer with the Saint Joseph Hospital Foundation.

Despite a warm robe and a chocolate, some women still don't get their mammograms simply because of the cost and that's where a new program at Saint Joseph called Yes, Mamm steps in.

" Yes, Mamm helps men and women receive a mammogram regardless of their ability to pay," said Boyer.

The program was started last year and is made possible through private donations and grant money from Komen Lexington.

"We said that if we could help just 100 or 200 women get a mammogram that hadn't had one we would be successful," said Boyer.

In nine months the Yes, Mamm program has served 300 women, Paula Davis of Lexington is one of those.

Davis knew the risk, she had a mother who battled breast cancer, yet she still put off being screened.

"My doctor, she said you are 55-years-old, you've got to have a mammogram. I said I can't afford it, she said I know who can help," said Paula Davis.

Davis was able to get a screening through Yes, Mamm.

Last October she was diagnosed with breast cancer, underwent surgery and six weeks of radiation.

Yes, Mamm was Davis' wake up call and she hopes its an answer for others as well.

"Don't be ashamed to ask for help, because its your life, and you have family that needs you to be there you have to be around."

For Yes, Mamm screening info:

Call Kentucky Pink Connection-1-877-597-4655
Saint Joseph Breast Center 859-967-5613

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