YouTube video shows Johnson County couple's life prior to murder

PAINTSVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - There is new information about a Johnson County couple found dead on their farm last month.

Larry and Sandra Blanton had been missing for about six months before police found their bodies.

Now, videos have surfaced showing the Blantons, their son, Willie, and his girlfriend, Amanda Fannin.

Fannin cut a deal with police that led to the discovery of the Blantons' bodies. Willie Blanton remains a suspect in their murder.

Sandra Blanton posted nearly 250 videos to YouTube less than a year before her death. The videos show day to day life for the couple, their son and Fannin.

Many of the videos show the family horseback riding or just hanging out on their property in Johnson County.

In another video, titled "My Son, The Nut," Willie Blanton and Fannin are seen goofing around.

A voice on the video says, "He's a bobblehead, give me another shot of tequila and call me in the morning. I don't know if its too much crack, too much coke, too much what."

As part of Fannin's deal with police, no charges will be filed against her. In exchange, she will testify against Willie Blanton and give police all her information.

The plea deal also prevents Blanton from being given the death penalty.

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