Young girl asks for donations to local animal shelters instead of birthday presents

MORELAND, Ky. (WKYT) ― If you ask most kids what they want for their birthday you'll probably hear about the newest toy or video game, but one little girl in Lincoln County is asking for something very different, pet food and supplies.

"It's sad that some people don't want to take care of them," said nine-year-old Suzan Johnson about the animals she saw after visits to two local animal shelters.

Those visits inspired Johnson to take action. With her birthday just around the corner her wish wasn't even for herself.

"I said 'Suzan what do you want to do for your birthday?' she said 'Momma I told you, I want to gather stuff for the animal shelter,'" said Suzan's mother Tessa Johnson.

Suzan's mother began notifying friends and family that instead of bringing toys and clothes to Suzan's birthday party, they should bring pet food, cleaning supplies, and used blankets, all things their local shelters need in abundance.

"I have a family that loves me and that's good enough for me. It made me think maybe the animals need help more than me," Suzan said.

After her birthday party on the 18th of November the family plans to split the items, taking half to the Boyle County Humane Society, the other half to the Garrard County Humane Society.

"She's a very compassionate child, she thinks so much more of others than she does herself," Tessa Johnson said.

So far Suzan has collected a trunk full of supplies and she expects a much larger haul at her party.

Workers at both shelters say they'll gladly be accepting donations even after the birthday party is over.

Anyone wishing to contact Tessa Johnson about donating for the party can contact her at They also encourage people to donate to their local shelters.

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