Young's High Bridge new bungee jumping destination

LAWRENCEBURG, Ky. (WKYT) - Memorial Day for some is about making memories. And when it come to memory makers, there aren't many places in the bluegrass like Vertigo Bungee.

Young's High Bridge spans the Kentucky River at the Woodford-Anderson County line, and for 125 years it's towered 240 feet over the muddy waters.

When the owners of Vertigo Bungee showed interest in buying the massive structure, Joe Nugent was there to help. And on Monday, he was there to collect his finder's fee and a chance to take the plunge.

Its no fun jumping off a giant rusty bridge by yourself. So Joe, a Lexington firefighter, invited a lot of his co workers

The new owners of the traffic stopping spectacle on the river hope it becomes one of the top spots in the bungee jumping world.

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