Zero tolerance for speeders in one Kentucky town

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WILLIAMSBURG, Ky. (WKYT-TV)-Police in Williamsburg say speeding has become such a problem, that they are actively trying to catch the people with lead feet.

Since Saturday, officers have been out in full force; armed with a zero tolerance policy.

"The warnings are over," explained Williamsburg Police Chief Wayne Bird. "We want to spread the word that we're going to crack down on speeders. And we are."

Chief Bird says he clocked someone going 56 miles per hour in a school zone where 25 is supposed to be the max speed. That's why he say's they're stepping it up.

"I apologize ahead of time---it's not something we enjoy doing. We are going to enforce it because safety is an issue."

With so many pedestrians walking near the city school and the University of the Cumberlands, Bird says there's been an increase in accidents involving people crossing the street. Most living in the area welcome the increased patrols.

"It is good for the area,' explained Marty Stephens, who drives these roads frequently. "They need to enforce it."

Bird says they have. He says in one eight-hour shift Saturday, his officers wrote 20 tickets.

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