Former clinic CEO speaks out after embezzlement accusations

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The future of a Lexington medical clinic continues to hang in the balance.

Over the weekend, Abundant Living Medical Clinic announced it was shutting down and filing a lawsuit against former CEO Michael Betts.

The announcement also claimed Betts was being investigated for embezzlement.

On Monday, the company's owner claims information came from an interim CEO, who didn't tell them anything.

Betts tells WKYT he ever expected his business, the one he founded, to shut down, and he never expected to be accused of embezzling money from it.

Now he says his top priority is to help the people he serves.

"This decision to close the clinic was not cleared with any board member," said Betts.

After the accusations surfaced, founder Betts stepped down as CEO of the company on October 29.

"Nobody saw that coming. This was just supposed to be a step aside, let's talk about it, and I did nothing wrong accept work hard and really build this company. And in a lot of ways this is my baby so this hurts incredibly," said Betts.

Betts wouldn't name names, but believes those responsible for the accusations against him have an ulterior motive.

"We actually think that another company was trying to be set up to take our patients. So there is a lot of suspect accusations that have happened in the last fifty days," Betts went on to say.

Betts hopes the hormone and testosterone replenishment clinic, he started can reopen in January under new leadership.

Betts says the board decided to fire the interim CEO at a meeting Monday. That person was not available for comment.

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