Kentucky Lawmaker Wants Political Calls Banned

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - Jimmy Higdon is sick of those automated political telephone calls that always reach an irksome crescendo as Election Day nears.

A Kentucky lawmaker, Higdon, R-Lebanon, isn't just swearing them off in his own re-election bid, he's pushing for a law to outlaw them altogether.

"The number one complaint I heard in the last election cycle was these damn recorded phone calls," he said.

Kentucky just completed a governor's race in November that was rife with the calls, known in the political world as robo calls because they're computer-driven and use recorded voices.

Now the state heads into 2008 elections that will involve races for more than 100 state-level political seats, plus national races for Congress and the presidency. Unless something is done to head them off, Higdon said, Kentucky residents could be deluged by calls over the next year.

If the bill passes, Kentucky would join nine other states - Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Carolina and Wyoming - that have already banned or placed restrictions on such calls, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

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  • by judy Location: Harrodsburg on Dec 4, 2007 at 05:34 PM
    For All of you arguing with Bart don't waste your time, he is an (edited) and doesn't have the first clue of what he talking about. I know first hand. This is all he does with his life. RIDICULE others, he lives a life of misery therefore choses to try and make others that way. We all feel sorry for you Bart, some things never change. Grow up Soon please. Before you embarass your self to bad.
  • by Bart Location: on Dec 4, 2007 at 12:22 PM
    ...and is that why it is totally legal for religious organizations to come to your door and peddle their pamphlets? Or for the candidate themselves to come to your door? I would much rather just hang up the phone than have to deal with an uninvited guest. Yet the Supreme Court has ruled that door to door campaigners and preachers are perfectly legal. But I don't want you to like it! I want you to rage about it! How did that funeral picketing law work out?? LOL!
  • by lebanon native Location: lexington on Dec 4, 2007 at 05:57 AM
    Bart, bring the first ammendment with you to federal court. Well bring the ninth, as it relates to the fourth in this case, and over 200 years of case law from all levels of the courts, to support our case. The supreme court has held through history that a man's home is his castle and he should not be subjected to intrusions that infringe upon his pursuit of happiness while within it's confines while that pursuit is conducted in a lawful manner, excepting exigent circumstances (such as door to door notifications of a need to evacuate an area, etc. where public safety is deemed to outweigh privacy rights.). I don't think you'll find many judges who will agree that a candidates pre-recorded plea for votes is so urgent as to make them more important than our increasingly rare quality time with our families. Fred, My grandmother would blow a coaches whistle into the phone. No one on the other end of that (it HURTS!) ever called her again.
  • by Steve Location: KY. on Dec 4, 2007 at 03:52 AM
    Go Mr. Higdon!!! Best idea I have heard forever!!
  • by Bart Location: Harrodsburg on Dec 3, 2007 at 04:29 PM
    Well I'm right and you are wrong. If it passes into law, I will challenge it in federal court and win. I'm not going to argue legal matters with a bunch of people who don't know the first thing about what they are talking about.
  • by Fred Location: Lexington on Dec 3, 2007 at 03:12 PM
    Pre-recorded? Yeah, ban them. Live people though? That's just a good time. Ask them what they are wearing, ask them for money before they ask you, lay down the phone and go watch tv while they are on the line, there's no limit to the fun you can have...
  • by Marj Location: Berea on Dec 3, 2007 at 08:06 AM
    As pesky as they are, the worst ones are the ones that WON'T DISCONNECT when you hang up! Boy, you can bet that if one comes in and I need to call 911 and can't get an open line because some idiot is trying to tell me he should be a district judge (are you listening, Earl Ray???), I will sue his @$$ off!!! I applaud Jimmy Higdon and his efforts!
  • by Finaly a good idea Location Location: richmond on Dec 2, 2007 at 10:42 AM
    @ Bart & Powerlegal Spam mail has been made illegal as have telemarketing by companys that you havent gave your number to b4. There is a HUGE differance between standing in a park speaking your mind and going door to door with a machine playing a message. You cant yell bomb on an airplane now can you? Also when they make it ok for them to publish cell phone number and they call you on your phone I hope they get you in a roaming area so itll cost you money. People dont pay for a phone to talk to a machine littlone pay for it.
  • by c Location: fkt on Dec 2, 2007 at 06:22 AM
    I'm all for banning these calls! First Amendment right or not! That EXCUSE is used to often to invade our privacy! I refused to listen to these calls at all! I could care less what these lying politicans have to say because there is NOT ONE OF THEM THAT CARE ABOUT THE AVERAGE WORKING FAMILY! I'm glad one lawmaker has enough guts to do something, but he has a fight on his hands because the rest of the lawmakers won't agree with him! But, I'll contact my lawmaker and make sure he knows that I want these calls ban as well! Who knows maybe together we CAN actually get rid of these calls!
  • by Bridge Location: Eastern KY on Dec 2, 2007 at 01:25 AM
    I am for this, totally. I have my mind made up before any phone calls, but I have changed my mind after receiving calls especially when they throw mud.
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