Trooper Involved In Shooting, Suspect Dies

By: Angela Sparkman Email
By: Angela Sparkman Email

New details about a state police shooting that left one man dead.

Randy Baldwin died Wednesday morning at a West Virginia hospital after being shot by a state trooper.

State police say the trooper did follow all proper procedures.

State police say not only did Baldwin have a gun, they say he also threatened to kill Trooper Byron Hansford. Police say Hansford couldn't get the gun away and had no choice but to fire his gun.

Police markings are all that's left at the scene at the Route 40 and 580 intersections, but people in Oil Springs are still talking about Randy Baldwin. Just about everyone at the Superette Store knew him, but no one wanted to talk on camera about him. The 46 year old died after surgery after a state police trooper shot him in the chest.

"He approached him and confronted him with a weapon," said Scott Hopkins with the Kentucky State Police.

Kentucky State Police are releasing all of the details surrounding the shooting. They say Trooper Byron Hansford was arresting Baldwin on the side of the road for public intoxication. Officers say Trooper Hansford didn't cuff Baldwin, but he put him in the cruiser and then when he got in the cruiser...

"Baldwin advised the trooper he had a weapon and he made threats to kill the trooper if he did not let him out of the car," Hopkins said.

Police say Trooper Hansford stopped the car, got out of the cruiser, and went to Baldwin's door. They say Baldwin jumped out of the car with a gun, the two got into a fight.

"Trooper Hansford used his last resort and that was to use his weapon," Hopkins said.

Officers say Trooper Hansford had no choice because his life was in danger. Investigators say Trooper Hansford didn't find the gun on Baldwin because it was hidden in his heavy coat. An autopsy will be conducted on Baldwin's body.

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  • by Heysis on Jan 8, 2008 at 11:56 PM
    Where is your information at about all these people this cop killed?
  • by Confused on Dec 24, 2007 at 07:21 AM
    Where and who did that Trooper murder before? Can you post a url link to the news site that posted this news. I would like to see your information.
  • by sis Location: RT 580 OIL SPRINGS on Dec 23, 2007 at 11:17 PM
    you people yak yak yak, all you do is whine and guess. take it from someone that was there when Randy was killed. FACT - Randy DID NOT have a gun. FACT - that cop has murdered before. but of course, he got away with it not once, but twice before. quote from cops - "went to Baldwin's door. Baldwin jumped out of the car with a gun" GIVE ME A BREAK! How STUPID are you? IMPOSSIBLE! COP CARS ARE LOCKED FROM OUTSIDE dah you bleeding hearts say "how would you feel to get a call at 2 am blah blah blah. THEY ASK FOR THAT JOB! "Sounds like the Trooper was trying to be decent to this guy." mmm I guess you think he was "decent" to the other2 he MURDERED. and you ***PROUD SUPPORTER OF LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES*** what a Foolish statement! I guess you are a PROUD SUPPORTER of COP that just murdered his own wife too aren't you? FACT - Randy was runnin his drunk mouth, cop couldn't take it, pulled over, drug Randy out of car, Randy still wouldn't 'be nice' THEN they 'scuffled' Randy was kille
  • by one who knows what happened Location: Oil Springs on Dec 23, 2007 at 10:41 PM
    I have read all your comments and some of you are half right, the others are DEAD WRONG. Randy did have a drinking problem -so do most of our so-called Law Enforcement [excuse me while I puke] idiots. Of course these self righteous cops will defend one of their own! and I am defending mine. What they have failed to tell you is that Randy was so drunk that 5 minutes before that jack a__ showed up RANDY WAS PASSED OUT! a family member went to him and woke him up enough to get him out of the road. They knew the cop was on his way and they didn't want to see ANOTHER BROTHER MURDERED ON THAT SAME ROAD! Too late though, that cop MURDERED RANDY. period . and it was nothing to that PIG- FACT - he had just been reinstated to the police force[?] fact - after MURDERING ANOTHER MAN LESS THAN A YEAR AGO! FACT - they punished him severely- After they slapped his wittle bitty hand, they put him on administrative leave WITH PAY! Not THATS your tax $$ at work folks. the cop felt POWER
  • by Wrong on Dec 22, 2007 at 11:24 PM
    Denise so it is procedure to put everyone face down on the ground when being arrested? I thought that was when there was a possibility of resisting arrest? Answer this question why did not your cousin not give his weapon over to the Trooper? What duty did your cousin ever do? The trooper gave this guy some respect and your cousin took it as a sign of weakness. Why did he have a gun anyway? Answer these simple questions before you pretend you are a teacher at a police academy
  • by Denise Location: OHIO on Dec 17, 2007 at 04:31 PM
    Randy was killed by Kentucky State Trooper last week that clearly was not following proper procedures. Any common person knows that you first put a person in prone position and check the person for weapons. this he cleraly did not do and he himself put hisself in harmsway. An intoxicated person is not totally responsible for themself. This is why they arrest people and check people for weapons and drugs etc. I feel that this trooper took a life unjustly when he shot my cousin. He failed the system of justice and law. He failed his public duty to protect. He did not protect my cousin. He may have been drinking and he may have (?) had a gun but Mr. Hansford did not do his job as a KSP and I am shocked at his ignorance after 17 years of service. I have read alot of peoples comments some of you are right on target with the comment about the handcuffs. Why didn't he use his cuffs, oops, another blunder! I am totally shocked about this whole situation as well is my whole family.
  • by Unknown on Dec 17, 2007 at 01:43 PM
    Anonymous: It was not an accident why the Trooper killed him. He used deadly force to protect himself. Who knows how many more people would have died if had not happened. It is not impossible to miss a small gun during a search. Mr Baldwin should have given the gun up. Why should a Trooper be held accountable for this guys actions? He set the rules of this encounter. I am sure when your family is arrested you are the first one complaining about how tight the handcuffs were on them and they cut into their wrists. Sounds like the Trooper was trying to be decent to this guy.
  • by Anonymous on Dec 15, 2007 at 04:45 PM
    Sara: "This is ridiculous...apparently some people are beyond educating or understanding." Are you serious? You're the one blindly putting your trust and faith into the police, just because they are the police. Question authority. Think for yourself. Officers aren't always "good guys". No, I don't think Hansford shot Baldwin because he wanted to, but he made a mistake and should be held accountable. The man did not follow proper procedure and that resulted in a murder. It's not like "whoops! My bad...I totally just killed a guy but it's okay because I'm a cop and it was an accident!!! LOL!!!" No. He screwed up. No matter what Mr. Baldwin did or did not do, had Hansford done what he was supposed to do; what he was TRAINED to do, nobody would be dead. End of story. Now, maybe you should get off the internet for a while and get back to your flock, little sheep.
  • by Sara Location: Prestonsburg on Dec 14, 2007 at 06:16 AM
    I am amazed how people can defend the illegal actions of a man that resulted in his own death and turn on the people that we count on to keep our communities safe! Get a life!!! ***PROUD SUPPORTER OF OPERATION UNITE AND ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES*** This is ridiculous...apparently some people are beyond educating or understanding. ***PRAYERS FOR TROOPER BYRON HANSFORD AND ALL FAMILIES INVOLVED***
  • by OFFICER Location: FLOYD CO. on Dec 14, 2007 at 05:37 AM
    This is not what a police officer wants to do when he goes out to work everyday. to the people that is saying police brutality you need to stop and think , us cops are only human. You all say if this Tpr. would have done something different the intoxicated man would still be here. Most of the people bashing the cops don't know what it is like to be face to face with someone that has a gun . But when it is 3 A.M. and your son or daughter is in trouble who do you call ? when you see a police car going over the speed limit you call in on us but when you need us you cry because we take to long to get there. When you sit down to eat your lunch you dont have to worry about leaving it after one bite because you got a call of a child killed in a DUI CRASH. So to the people that don't like us cops I am sorry that you feel this way . To the Tpr. thank you for doing your job. and may GOD watch over the family of the deceased. And for the comment about Det. Howard I hope GOD watches over you.


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