Horse Rescued After Being Left For Dead

By: Sherelle Roberts Email
By: Sherelle Roberts Email

An abandoned horse would be dead if not for some big-hearted people in Rockcastle County. Now those folks are asking for your help to get that horse healthy again.
Kim and Steve Brinson took the Horse named Destiny three weeks ago. "She was taken to a stock auction, when she didn't sell she was dumped on U.S. a piece of trash, or bag of garbage",says Brinson. Rockcastle County authorities contacted the couple who are members of the United States Equine Rescue League. Since then they have been nursing the horse back to health.
She was starving, severely infected with worms, and has a serious leg injury. The Brinsons are hoping to raise the money to nurse her back to health, get surgery for her leg and get her adopted.
But Brinson wants something more, to catch the people who left Destiny to die. "I'd like anyone who has information on her previous owners to contact the Rockcastle County Sheriff".
But Brinson says if you can't do that he'd like for folks to visit the link below for the United States Equine League. There, you can donate toward her recovery. Brinson says make sure to earmark the donation "Destiny In Kentucky".

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  • by linda Location: spotsylvania va. on Aug 15, 2008 at 03:25 AM
    hi my name is linda,i get so angry with people.i have 2 horses here now after 4 yrs off trying to get thru the their coffin bone has rotated 15 may have to put down. but im trying everything i can.i want to take him to cout for this. but they say its hard to get them about the feet,would have been bettter off if they were starving.but they were on too much gradd.i read the feet is a buse too.i need some pointeres in how to get this jerk.the baby is 4 now and shes the worst.but they are shawed now and at least waking in no pain.any sugestions would be great.i think its great when people help animals
  • by Toni Location: Moccasin Valley on May 15, 2008 at 06:20 AM
    It's not that animals are getting to be over populated, humans are.In doing so we are taking up there original space and then blaming them for the problem. If people were as smart as some horses I know this world would be alot better off. I bought a horse years ago that had been abused and was the reason I bought her just to get her away from those people, finaly got her to trust me and became close friends. To this day I walk in the field with her and she will huge me. Wrap her head and neck around my body and huge me. So don't tell me they are stupid animals.
  • by heather Location: VERMONT on Apr 28, 2008 at 08:36 AM
    I read all these coments & I agree-horse population is as bad as cat/dog overpopulation- its time as humans to take the responsibilty to stop breeding-if purebred dogs are ending up in shelters then hello? why breed more when adult horses are being left to fend for themselves? i dont agree with slaughter at all for any animal but we are not seeing groups of pigs-cattle -sheep etc being abandoned and starving are we?i have rescued 2 fillys(a pmu from canada in 04) and just adopted a TB from kentucky -but thats all I can afford to do-resources are thin- people cant afford food gas or housing -how can they help more horses? we all try to do our part but life is getting harder on every one-instead of concentrating just on anti slaughter bills, we NEED to start putting more effort into mandatory gelding stallions and not breeding mares -there is now such a thing as "spaying a mare" but vet prices will not decrease for surgerys/ euthenasia -so its up to us animal "lovers" to smarten up!!
  • by Laura Location: NC on Apr 22, 2008 at 09:29 AM
    I have to post. I have been around horses most of my life. I know alot about them. Horse slaughter and neglect do not go hand in hand. I have been to a slaughter auction. I can recall one pony that was abandoned at the auction. He was fat but sick. He had strangles and possibly pnuemonia starting but noone would buy him. Why? Because he was sick. Also with the economy and fuel going the way it is, I bet the market has taken a plunge and horses are not selling for much. So Cindy, before you bash do your research. Go attend New Holland auction and your mind will change. Trust me. If I had a horse right now and they got sickly, and I had no money for vet care, I certainly have the money for an extra bullet. A bullet put through a horses head is alot better than the ride these poor animals have to endure to the slaughter house. No food or water for miles, cramped in a double decker hardly able to hold their heads up, yep I perfer to put a bullet in my horse rather then have them endure THAT
  • by Dakota24 Location: Indiana on Apr 17, 2008 at 05:41 PM
    Lazy Maple appears to be a horse rescue who believes in slaughtering horses. Good to know, so I know who NOT to donate to. Besides, how nice of another rescue to come on here and try and get a donation when clearly another horse rescue and the Brinsons stepped up to help Destiny. Since someone chose to bring up homeless people...this story was about a horse, but if you feel that passionate about homeless people write to your paper then and ask them to do a story. THen also go out and spend almost $1,000 on that person (like we do on a horse). Put your money where your mouth is at. Don't judge us by thinking we only care about animals. I donate plenty to helpless children in this world as well.
  • by Lori Location: Illinois on Apr 16, 2008 at 08:19 AM
    Cindy, please so some research before you post. Horse slaughter for human consumption is indeed still LEGAL in the US, though we no longer have any operating horse slaughter houses. It is only illegal in IL, TX and CA. You might recall that South Dakota recently tried to start up a new horse slaughter house, but the American public overwhelmingly voiced that we do not want or support that in the US. Until the Federal bills HR 503/S.311 are passed our horses will continue to be brutally transported and slaughtered to Canada and Mexico. Furthermore, horse slaughter is not a humane death, no matter where it takes place. The low price of horses is a result of the down economy and high spike in hay, grain and bedding prices. If it costs double or triple to feed the horse(s) you have, you bet people are going to think twice about buying more -- or even keeping the ones they have. Do you have some affiliation with Lazy Maple -- the rescue who had one of their loose horses shot by police?
  • by Cindy Location: Illinois on Apr 16, 2008 at 06:53 AM
    Slaughter is not alive and well as Lori states. If it was perhaps this horse could have been sold before it was starving and lame. It is a fact the price of average horses is at an all time low. It use to be you could get $1000 for any old horse, more if it was broke and more if it was registered/valued and had a show record. Now registered horses are selling for around $100 at the sales, people are giving away horses and ponies because they can't afford to feed them. Several horse rescues have been forced to close due to rising feed costs, and the lack of donations. Don't get all emotional and point fingers crying slaughter is cruel, I would think a quick death is better then a slow and painful starvation death. Either support the reopening of slaughter houses, or DONATE to your local equine rescue and to these kind people. $300 a month/horse is a bare bones amount. Lori I challenge you to donate $300 to a local rescue.. How about Lazy Maple? Put your money where your.
  • by Lori Location: IL on Apr 15, 2008 at 08:38 PM
    Horse slaughter is still alive & well - it has just changed locations. We're on track to slaughter as many, if not more US horses for foreign dinner tables again this year! So the 'lack' of slaughter is not an issue. The 'killer buyers' for the slaughter houses would not buy this horse: too skinny (no money to be made on skinny horses), injured (likely couldn't survive the trip) and possibly diseased (would infect the other horses). No, you can blame this one solely on an irresponsible owner. Clearly this horse was not cared for in any respect. Abandonment of a horse is a crime, as is neglect. This owner needs to be charged with both.
  • by J Location: Maryland on Apr 15, 2008 at 04:11 PM
    Humans have choices; horses don't. Thank god for people like the Brinsons who don't turn away like so many others. (PS and slaughter is still going strong in Canada and Mexico - there is STILL slaughter - slaughter availability and neglect do NOT go hand in hand.)
  • by LESLIE Location: LEXINGTON on Apr 15, 2008 at 12:18 PM
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