Madison County School Fight Posted On You Tube

By: Dave Spencer Email
By: Dave Spencer Email

A fight breaks out at school, grabbing the attention of everyone around. That's a typical scenario that you'd find in pretty much any school in America.

When the fight is over, everyone goes their separate ways with a story to tell.

But what if the victim and all his classmates, in fact anyone with interest, could relive that experience over and over at just the click of a button.

That's exactly what's happening at Madison Central High School, in Richmond.

Earlier this month at the cafeteria, someone recorded a fight between two students, then put the video on You Tube, adding derogatory comments. It's led some to wonder how this may affect the victim.

This isn't a new phenomenon. With a simple search on the popular video search engine, hundreds of fights can be viewed just like the incident at Madison Central.

It's even prompted some legislation here in Kentucky. A bill passed both the House and Senate that would force schools to have a policy in place to deal with cyber-bullying.

As for the fight itself, the Madison County superintendent says disciplinary action has been taken. But because of student confidentiality, won't specify what exactly was done.

The video was posted on You Tube four days ago. It's since been removed.

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  • by scott Location: richcity on Oct 15, 2008 at 10:46 AM
    that was not stewarts fault he just got tired of the other kids mouth. stewert is a good kid and he just took up for him self
  • by NONE YA BUSINESS! Location: Versailles on May 18, 2008 at 07:16 AM
    Dont yall dare say the parents should be blamed, his mother is a good one, and he just lost his temper, that kid had been pickin on him and his friends for a long time and he finally had enough of it! Cell phones arent allowed but do you think that really stops them from bringin em to school!?! NO! Yall are just plain dumb. it was just a fight, and it made youtube and the news, it wouldnt even be on the news if it wasnt for some (edited) who video-taped it and decided to be stupid with it. whoever did that should be the one in trouble. and the poor school system is EMBARESSED...awww boo-hoo! get over it, theres fights like these all the time everywhere so just get over it!
  • by anoumous Location: richmond on Apr 18, 2008 at 07:22 AM
    that is stupid people have the rite to do whatever the please the boy should have fouught back it is his own fought just somebody finaly stood up to him and he got what he deserved and mchs is a great school and not just filled of violence
  • by Wow Location: Richmond on Apr 17, 2008 at 09:39 PM
    @Peggy Location: Ky Keep thinkin your right. Meanwhile the real world revolves with you on it. If you never went to MCHS littlone a school with independant grades as I assume your over 50. Youd realise that the weak and weird are who are picked on. Go read up the the kids that brought guns to school they were never the strong athletic and outgoing social types. Maybe if you spent more time in a college studying psychology or socialogy youd know why the weak are always singled out. But no the best you can do is teh standard coward retreat and attack the spelling of a haslty typed rant. More proof your part of the problem not the solution.
  • by Earwig Location: Prestonsburg on Apr 17, 2008 at 09:12 PM
    Just reading the violent remarks of some of the parents shows why so many kids are so violent. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!
  • by Peggy Location: Ky on Apr 17, 2008 at 12:44 PM
    In response to :"Bullys dont pick on 30 kids in a class ya know they single out the couple weak weird kids that have no confidense and the bullys know wont fight back. But no Im sure youd rather put metal detectors in schools and watch as the problem gets worse. Bullying belongs in the news like govermnet belongs in your home." It's disgusting that you would call some kids weak and weird.Are you even an adult?Many of your words are misspelled. Go to next time to make sure.Just so you know,my husband and I have taught our daughter to stand up for herself,so she does not get bullied in school.My comments were for the poor kids that do get bullied in school.As for metal detectors and having the government in my home,where did that even come from?Why would I want either of those things in my/my childs life? Get your head out of your ***.Stacy,you and I are on the same wave length,lady!
  • by john Location: anonymous on Apr 17, 2008 at 07:08 AM
    I think the lady needs to walk to school with her son,then maybe she would realize how good it is to have transporation to school.Also keeping this kid off may not endanger the lives of the other kids on the bus by distracting the driver, but I guess her kid is the only one that matters.
  • by T.J. Location: berea on Apr 16, 2008 at 10:16 PM
    I have been in a few or more fights's at school. The samething happens everyday kid get's bullied or just a plain fight like this happen. Only difference there is some dumb person video taped it and posted. I aint saying fighting is rite because it aint. But if nobody would have recored it the news wouldnt have said a thing, and they both been suspened the end. but some body recored and the news people just wanted to make a big deal about, which can traumtize this kid's life. What i'am trying to say is they need to increase rules on highschool kid's, about bullying. Some teachers see it but dont say nothing u know thinking it's all done and over with, but this just can be the beginning to a terrible end. PRAY THAT IT DONT.
  • by Stacy Location: kentucky on Apr 16, 2008 at 06:20 PM
    Something like this happened to my child in middle school. Two bullies got him in the bathroom and started pushing him around. I called the principal and told him he had one chance to fix the problem the next time I would fix it if it meant me going to jail to kicking some child hind end in front of the school officials. I can't stand a bully. The parents of this child that got beat up my heart goes out to you. Its better you then me. I would have already beat the snot out of a few teenagers and then turned on their parents.
  • by Anonymous Location: Everywhere on Apr 16, 2008 at 04:16 PM
    First of all the kid doing the beating had been picked on by the guy he beat up. It had been going on for a while, and he finally snapped after the guy made a comment about a recent death in the attackers family. Second, none of you are members of the school board so stop telling them how to do their jobs! Third Madison Central is not random innercity school in LA, stop making it seem that way it is way safer than you think. Fourth Stop believing everything you hear like a hoard of zombies that some of you seem to be, no one had the right to put this on the news, or youtube. At central this fights hype lasted from last monday to thursday. (edited). Lastly Youtube is actually a place for people to post songs, and other forms of personal art. This is an example of a popular youtube video You all just got Rick Rolled! Leave us kids alone
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