Houser Appears In Court

By: Dave Spencer Email
By: Dave Spencer Email

Shannon Houser, the man arrested in connection with the hit and run death of a UK freshman, made his first court appearance this afternoon. His attorney entered a not guilty plea for the charges.

He's been charged with leaving the scene of an accident and tampering with physical evidence.

Houser was booked into the Fayette County Detention Center Thursday afternoon, but was released Friday morning. Houser's mother paid his $3,100 bond.

Houser's mother told 27 NEWSFIRST that her son is innocent, something Houser himself told police.

According to court documents Houser says he was at his Lexington home at the time of hit and run. However police were able to trace several phone calls and determined he was just a couple blocks away from the crime scene.

UK student Connie Blount was hit by a truck while crossing South Broadway at West Maxwell back on Sunday April 13th. She was taken to UK hospital where she later died.

An Anderson County constable says he assisted Lexington Police in identifying Houser. He received a tip from an informant who claimed Houser said he was in serious trouble after something he did in Lexington.

"Houser told my informant, that what he did was serious enough, that if he got arrested for it he would be sent to prison for life," Anderson County Constable Chuck Imel said.

Imel said Houser never elaborated on the crime he committed to the informant, but said it would be on the evening news that night.

"At that point, the bells started to ring and I knew this was not just a minor thing, said Imel. I immediately called Lexington Police and let them know what I knew."

Imel says his information led police to Houser's Lexington home, where they found Houser taking apart his truck. Police impounded the truck Sunday night and determined through evidence it was the truck that hit Connie Blount.

"It was a bit of luck and I'm just glad I could help," said Imel.

Connie's father, Jack Blount, told 27 NEWSFIRST he is holding onto the hope Houser was the driver of the truck and he believes police will eventually get the proof they need to put him behind bars for murder.

"I'm confident police will find what the need and justice will be done, in my heart I believe Houser killed my daughter, said Jack Blount. She was not just my daughter she was my best friend and she meant the world to me and my family, we will miss her deeply."

Shannon Houser has a lengthy criminal record dating back 15 years when Lexington Police arrested him for D.U.I. and manslaughter.

The deadly crash happened in 1993 on Russell Cave Road. Houser's friend, Thomas Kiszka died when their car hit a brick wall and burst into flames.

Houser plead guilty to reckless homicide and was sentenced to probation.

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  • by cons friend Location: utah on May 24, 2009 at 07:32 PM
    Connie, i visit you often, at your grave. my heart still aches for u. things never turn out how they are sup too.. Right now you would be coming home for the summer, talking about chris, playing with scout, and riding Sam and Luke. THe pain is still fresh and our hearts are as broken as ever. we miss u darling and cant wait to see u again .
  • by May connie rest in peace always Location: utah on May 9, 2008 at 07:46 PM
    i was a good friends with connie. No one understands the grief that shannon houser has put upon us.. When we heard about connies death our hearts were and still are broken. To know that the next time we would see connie would be to lay her at rest forever. Not one more hug or conversation, but to say goodbye forever. Everyday when i drive to school i see her grave, and i miss her more and more every time i think of her.shannon houser has taken something we can never get or replace. Going to connies funeral was one of the hardest things i have ever done. To know that was the last time i would ever see her, and it was time that we had to say good bye. To touch her cascatee that she will forever lay in. No more summers in park city no more jokes. The reality and grief we felt is undiscriable. To hear that shannons mom is saying he is innocent makes me sick to my stomach. He took someone so amazing from us and yet feels no remorse and his mom can still say the things like he is innocent.
  • by Becky Location: Manchester ky on Apr 30, 2008 at 04:54 AM
    too the story on the babysitter and her sentence. if she has served her time..then she has the right too be free and toostart a new life.everyone makes mistakes and she has had enough time too think about what she did nad in my opinion i think she'll think about these things in the near future for a long time...sure it could have been prevented.why i can't say...but everyone deserves a second chance even after they have payed their dept too society...i'm a mother myself and it's a sad thing too lose anyone.because we all have in one way or another..i wish the very best for both families and my prayers are with you all...May God Bless You ALL.
  • by Anthony Kiszka Location: Jackson, MI on Apr 29, 2008 at 02:14 PM
    I am the brother of Thomas Kiszka, I remember the night I was called to come home, that there had been an accident. The next call was that my brother was dead, my heart goes out to Connies family. I didn't know Shanon well, but my brother and him were friends. They had moved to KY to work together as mechanics. Neither of them were wearing seat belts in the previous crash, my brother was partially ejected and the car rolled down the hills crushing him. It was a terrible accident, while I think Shanon admitted to having a drink with dinner I don't believe their was evidence that he was drunk. I also remember that their was a mechanical failure on the car as well. Why was Shanon driving? well my brother didn't have a license, to many fast cars. I know he has had to live 14 years with that weight, which I am sure influenced his thinking. If he is involved and didn't stop then he should get what he deserves, quick action on his part may have saved her. Pray for both of them!
  • by Yogesh Location: Lexington, KY on Apr 29, 2008 at 09:14 AM
    I think he should face the death penalty after all he gave those two young people the death penalty. He needs to be wiped out from the gene pool. That's a safe bet.
  • by Gifford Location: Pikeville on Apr 29, 2008 at 04:13 AM
    What was this person doing out at 2 am in the morning? Where was he at? Going for a joy ride at 2am? Obviously, he has a number of kids. Any responsible parent would not be out at 2 am in the morning in the rain!!! He is not a responsible person, committed a hit and run. He was drunk and killed a person in the past. Why is this person still driving? He should of been locked up in the past. Does any one understand the laws in Kentucky? What kind of laws are these?
  • by Grico Location: Louisville on Apr 28, 2008 at 07:01 PM
    This man is obviously a low life and reading this he's not a good citizen. Seems like he spends his money on strippers and is a drunk. That's unrelated to what he had done but this guy should of been put away in 93. He was drinking and driving and he killed a person. He doesn't deserve to drive ever in his life again! He needs to face jail time 15 - 20 years and once he gets out, he should never ever be allowed to drive and if he is caught driving, he will be thrown back in jail for another 10 years!
  • by Anonymous Location: Missouri on Apr 28, 2008 at 04:02 PM
    Brandon: Im glad that your step-dad and mom have been together for 11 years but did you ever think that April 27th was Connie's birthday. That would have been her 19th to be exact. US, as her family will never be able to celebrate that, or years to come WITH her now.
  • by Anoymous Location: Missouri on Apr 27, 2008 at 09:32 AM
    Seems to me that he as much as admitted his guilt to the informant."I've done something that could put me away for life in Lexington last night. All you have to do is watch the news tonight & you will know." I know what was all over the news in Lexington that night. There was only one big story of wrong doing...a young girl being murdered by a hit & run accident. It's not too hard to put the two together so why doesn't that stand as an admission of guilt? Who else's fingerprints are on the steering wheel I wonder? Why would he be taking apart his truck if he had nothing to hide & it was truly an innocent accident & she was being negligent by being in the street? He knew what he did & what condition he was in & he LEFT her there not knowing if she were dead, needing medical help, or what and then tried to hide the evidence instead of coming forward. No decent person with nothing to hide does that no matter how scary or bad the situation is. I hope KY can lock him away for life.
  • by Jeff Location: Lex on Apr 27, 2008 at 08:35 AM
    I agree, they should suspend his drivers liscense right away to keep him from doing this again. Also, there should be a law: if you drive recklessly and kill someone you must do a minimum of 15 years in prison. You do the crime you must do the time behind bars!


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