Jamie Barnett's Family Says They're Shocked About Chief Lacy's Murder

Jamie Barnett's family tell 27 NEWSFIRST they could never imagine Barnett would allegedly gun down a family friend.

Garland Lacy, Randy Lacy's brother, says, "James Barnett's family says he lost his way to drugs early in his life, and has the criminal record to prove it. But the Barnett family never expected Jamie Barnett to hurt anyone but himself."

James Barnett comes from a large family, but lost his father at a young age and was essentially raised by his older brother Jerry Barnett.

Jerry Barnett admits he couldn't keep Jamie out of trouble and is having a tough time not blaming himself for what happened to Chief Randy Lacy.

It's even harder on Jerry Barnett to deal with the chief's death because of the relationship he had with him.

Jerry Barnett says, "Randy was a good police officer, he was a good friend of mine, friend of the family."

According to Jerry Barnett, Jamie and Chief Lacy also had a good relationship when Barnett was sober, but he became a different man under the influence.

Jerry says, "a lot of times he was violent but most times it was towards himself, he'd mutilate his body in some way and talked about suicide."

Jamie Barnett will be arraigned in Powell County Friday morning.

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  • by resident Location: Clay City on Jun 19, 2007 at 12:00 PM
    I live in Clay City, I see the drug dealers and runners creeping thru the fields next to my house. I know where their pick up spot is. If it were up to me, I would use a shot gun on them. its not up to me and we have to abide by the same laws that everyone else does. I am very glad to see the new Powell County administration, maybe as reidents we can have some hope of not being killed by some druged up person who cant ever remember that he did it. How sad to have taken a life because of the choices you made, I feel for both families. They have both lost a member to the drugs in this county.
  • by ed Location: prestonsburg on Jun 19, 2007 at 10:19 AM
    You can put some of the blame on the system.. But 99% of the blame goes to the people who do the crime. If there was real justice in the world this would slow down. It will never be stopped, but it would be diferent if some of the criminals were not in the picture.
  • by Anonyms Location: Mount Sterling on Jun 18, 2007 at 09:52 PM
    I have read the comments and some of them have touched me to respond. I would like to say you can not tell someone to get help if there not willing to help there self and get away from the crowd that has gotten them in this situation. I can say from experience i have used drugs and became addicted but i had to move away from that crowd before i over came my drug addiction.Yes rehabs are high money wise but i will also say they do not help all the time.The drugs are taking over the world but some people are failing to realize that there are people in the court system and law offices that are using these drugs so they are not going to help the people that have a drug addiction that beggs for help.They are afraid that they will get into trouble to.I begged for help for almost two years but nobody could understand me.It took my self to reach out to GOD to get the help that i needed.He brought me on my knees begging him to save me from the drugs and he had me begging for my life that night when i promised him that i would never touch drugs again if he saved me and let me live.I will say that i know i am a walking miracle from the Lord. From that day forward i never have touched another drug i have been tempted and had cravings but the Lord always steered me away.If you have a drug problem and you want help go to someone that can help or just ask the Lord to help or even move from those people for a couple of months but when you come back around them tell them no if your asked to do drugs. You are a stronger person to stand up and say no than to give in and take drugs.Don't judge someone for there problem.This man that killed this officer will grieve in his selfless act.I feel sorry for his family that have to go through the pain of others and there words of unkindness you are also hurting a family that have to grieve over this tragic. Be kind to one another, due unto others as you would want to be done unto you.Both family will grieve don't hurt them in your words
  • by Hunter Location: Lexington, Kentucky on Jun 16, 2007 at 02:12 PM
    My thoughts and prayers are with the familes of Randy Lacy, and Jamie Barnett. The families of both of these men are suffering right now.
  • by Mary Location: Lexington on Jun 16, 2007 at 12:39 PM
    I am very saddened that a police officer that has given so much and tried to help people like Barnett had his life ended in this way. Some how Barnett has been enabled when someone is arrested that many times bail and bonds from somewhere had to be met. Kentucky needs to look at the DUI laws this Barnett was on his fifth one. Barnett said, "I took a hand full of Xanax and went to the liquor store." Powell County does not have a liquor store it is dry.Someone drinking and taking pills before noon is a hard core addict did not even show up for court. Who was he getting the drugs from. When officer Lacy's brother said on television and the Herald Leader this is a drug war it sure is. How many more people will be killed either by a drunk driver like Barnett or a drunk and drugged driver like Barnett or shot and killed by the "alleged" Barnett? Someone enabled this man someone should have gotten him into rehab a long time ago. I know the brother feels responsible but if this area needs education then someone had better get with it.It is to late for Officer Lacy his family will never get over it sudden death is horrible you stay in shock for a long time. Anger, sadness it never goes away.James Barnett is now crying saying he would trade places with officer Lacy. Has anyone ever heard of withdrawl,delerium tremors or detox?If he is found guilty hopefully we won't have to feed him, take care of his health needs, pay for all of the years of lawyers that we are for Bayes that is still sitting on death role from killing another officer from there years ago. My condolences to the Lacy family and hope they get involved with MADD. Mother of a Deceased Single Car Crash DUI Driver who never had a DUI.
  • by Kim Davis Location: KY on Jun 15, 2007 at 06:40 PM
    To. Dad I'm sorry. You read me the wrong way, Is what I meant by my comment is that They keep telling me only a judge can order them to go to rehab. We can't do anything to help them. And don't take it the wrong way I think it ought to be like it was years ago that when someone done something wrong the family took care of it thereself. I think he should get the death sentence. The electric chair is even to good for what he did but it's not around no more. I meet Mr.Lacy when he arrested my son and he was a great man.
  • by mel Location: lex on Jun 15, 2007 at 01:21 PM
    Good question, Dumbfounded. That area is eaten up with drugs and yes, the silent partners aka dealers. When is it going to stop? When the docs stop prescribing oc's and xanax liberally and without cause, and when the officials quit being on the take maybe, and when the cops stop turning their heads away from it. When you take the politics and money out of it. A drug addict is beyond "liking drugs and partying". They are ADDICTED and it's no party at all. They hate themselves and their lives but it is so far harder to kick that habit than imaginable, especially without intervention...expensive, unattainable for most, rehab. "Witnessing" isn't the answer, nor outpatient clinics or counseling. When a user has progressed to the point and for the number of years that Barnett has, it takes inpatient rehab of at least 30, but in reality 60-90 days, to detox and learn to live without the physical drug craving, at about $950/day in private rehabs. Even then, the relapse rate is very high because they go right back into the same areas where they are triggered constantly and have ready availability of drugs.
  • by I don't understand Location: Clay City on Jun 15, 2007 at 12:24 PM
    I don't understand why when something like this happens, people don't try to just leave comments of sympathy. Why say mean and hurtful things to the families.. Barnett's brother and his family can't be held responsible for his actions. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.... We all know this, we can raise our kids right, and instill all the morals that we want them to have, but we cannot force them to use them. I was raised by one of the most God fearing women I know. I know right from wrong, and I spent my life in church. But I made mistakes. It was never anything illegal, just simple mistakes that most people make, however it isn't my mother's fault. I watched the same interviews that you all watched, I saw the hurt in Jerry Barnett's eyes for what had happened. Randy Lacy was his friend, I even think the shooter is remorseful, it is just a little too late. It doesn't matter whether he remembers or not, there were two men in that car, one of those men is dead, the gun is in the back floor board, and the back window has been kicked out, Jamie Barnett is outside the car walking around. It doesn't take a college educated person to realize who killed Randy Lacy. I do agree with the person that said the higher ups should have locked him up a long time ago. There is good in everyone, and people can turn their lives around. Randy Lacy was witnessing to this guy, trying to help him. But you can't help someone who doesn't wanna help themselves. He didn't wanna change, he is like so many from our communities today. He likes the drugs, and the partying. God help these people.. I know I am rambling on, I have so much to say, and brain is working faster than my fingers. But the bottom line is don't judge Barnett's family. Just pray for them, and pray for the Lacy's. They all need our prayers. God will be the judge for all of us...
  • by Randall Location: Pineville on Jun 15, 2007 at 12:13 PM
    Let's not forget that silent partner - The Drug Dealer. If you supplied the dope, you pulled the trigger. Isn't it time we let those "respectable" businessmen know we don't want them in our communities no matter how influential they are? I'm talking about the ones at the top raking in the money while trying to keep their hands clean. How clean are they now?
  • by Dumb founded Location: stanton on Jun 15, 2007 at 12:10 PM
    I have read all the stories and watched all the news stories but I am still dumb founded to how this could have happened. How did he get a gun? I know why he hadn't been sent to LaGrange before now anyway because the old district attorney and the old judge was in cahoots with all the know drug dealers in town... As long as they got their cut be it money or coke (not the kind you drink either) they would let them slide and keep them out of jail. This is a fact not a accusation. Seen it happen with my own two eyes... Things need to change in Powell county as a whole. Our children are going to keep using drugs and people are continue to kill one another over them or while using them until something is done. I know of one pusher that keeps getting let out on a "get out of jail free" card... When is it going to stop!
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