Irvine Police Officer Shot; Suspect In Standoff For Eight Hours.

IRVINE, Ky. (AP) - An eastern Kentucky police officer was shot
while on patrol in his cruiser on Friday night, leading to an
eight-hour standoff with the shooter.
Irvine police officer Eddie Asher, 29, was shot while in his
cruiser from a third-floor apartment at the corner of Main Street
and Broadway just before midnight. He was able to take cover behind
his vehicle.
A negotiator with the state police special response team
attempted to make contact with the suspect, Junice Mayes, 58.
Police tried twice to force Mayes out of his apartment with gas
grenades before entering the apartment to arrest him just before 8
a.m. EDT.
Asher was treated and released at Marcum-Wallace Hospital.
Mayes was charged with four counts of first-degree wanton
endangerment and criminal attempt to committ murder.

Information from: Lexington Herald-Leader,

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  • by Eva Asher Location: Richmond on May 13, 2008 at 09:36 PM
    vietnam you don't see them randomly shooting people. So I do have sympathy for his family for being put in the perverbial hot seat but as far as I am concerned his sentence will not be lowered because of his illness. He will get help what about my husband who at 30 years old now has to draw disability for the rest of his life?
  • by Eva Location: Asher on May 13, 2008 at 09:33 PM
    Ok I have up until now not read this STUFF. I aam sorry that people were upset by what I said but let me tell you a little bit about what I go thru on a daily basis. My husband who now has no job and can never work again due to a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and PTSD. I have to monitor everything that he does because he is now on so much medicine he can't function. NO ONE has anything new to tell me about PTSD or serving for our country my father served 2 terms in the vietman war and suffers from PTSD on to of that I have worked in EMS for 12 years so please don't patronize me trying to explain Mr. Mayse's (illness) to me or the fact that he needs help I know all about needing help. Since Mr. Mayse decided to take aim at my husband I have had to move from my home and I have had to borrow money from my father to make ends meet just to feed my kids so as far as I am concerned he will serve his time be it in a mental facility or jail. People live normal lives every day that served in
  • by Andrew Location: Richmond on Jul 28, 2007 at 07:00 AM
    I hope he gets the help he needs too, in jail. Mental illness is not an excuse. I hope everyone concerned about him has been there trying to get him help.
  • by Mike Location: Crestwood on Jul 25, 2007 at 11:43 AM
    I am also a cousin to Dickie Mayse, I covay my concerns for Officer Asher's family and glad this didnt turn out worse than it did. I am also a Vietnam Vet and understand more than some what Dickie is dealing with a a daily bases. He is a very kind and giving person I dont feel attacks on a person is going to help anything. We can only pray for the Mayse family and hope he gets the help he needs. Mike
  • by Mike Location: Crestwood on Jul 23, 2007 at 05:50 PM
    Please covay to the Asher family my concerns for the Oficers well being, I too am a cousin to Dicky Mayse and also a Vietnam Vet. I suffer from PTSD as he does and can understand what it can do to a person not on medications. Dicky is a very good person I would say this even if I were not family. He needs the proper help from VA not to be hated by some others, Yes what he did is wrong but alot of this comes from a very young man in the 60s and early 70s subjected to War and killings as we were, We only can pray for both Mr. Asher and the Mayse family. Thank You
  • by paula mcintosh Location: berea on Jul 22, 2007 at 07:51 PM
    i am junice mayes cousin, I am upset about what miss asher said... and i am sorry for what happended to mr. asher. but they must under stand that he has anti war syndrome because of the viatnam war. the war has messed his life up. he is the the sweetest person when he is in his right mind. his mother is very sweet to. but im sorry for what happed to mr asher, and is family. but i want people to know what is wrong with him and what kind of person he is. he deserves help. because he fought for our contry. thank u and god bless, paula
  • by Joyce Thacker and Sharon Walling Location: Irvine on Jul 22, 2007 at 06:21 PM
    First off We do not uphold the actions taken by our Uncle Dickie Mayse And I want to say My entire family is sorry for whatOfficer Asher and his family had to endure on Friday night. But there is something that needs to be understood. The monster that Dickie has been made out to be is not the same wonderful, loving and caring citizen, friend, uncle, son and brother that I have known and loved all my life. My uncle Dickie as well as many other american who have sereved in the many useless wars that this country has fought Has suffered for many great years with the image of the Vietnam War burnt into their minds. Junice Jackson Mayse the second served on the front lines of that war and had to watch many of his great friends meet their fate to try and make sure that we had the freedom that many of us think we deserve. Although many of us are not willing to put our lives on the line for it. I know that we all judge people for the things they do. But we need to remember what our Bible Says "Judge Not"And Until We Have Walked A mile In that Persons Shoes We should be careful about pointing our fingers. Our Uncle Dickie is still fighting a war that he has never won and he will continue to fight the rest of his life the same way as many of our forgoten Veternas of this country. Once again we would like to say we are sorry to Mr. Asher and his family.
  • by MARK Location: BLOOMINGTON on Jul 22, 2007 at 05:33 PM
    There is justice for public servants like Police, Fire, Or EMS. We are expendable as is evidenced by the light sentences given those who assault Police and other public servants on a daily basis. Most assaults are plead down to the lowest forms and the guilty party is out in no time. Not to mention our level of pay which in most places is lower than dirt. Just ask those Federal Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compean about how this country treats Law Enforcement Personnel. The Government payed for a drug dealer to return from mexico, give him amnesty, and testify that his rights were violated by these agents. The Drug dealer said he did not have a gun and the Government believed him over the Border Patrol Agents who said they fired in self defense. For that they were found guilty of violating the rights of a drug dealer who is not even a citizen of our country. It is digusting. Now they are spending 12-14 years in Prison for defending themselves and trying to apprehend a drug smuggler. Good Day!
  • by Virgil Edwards Location: Richmond on Jul 22, 2007 at 05:01 PM
    I know Asher and I know his wife. This is something that angers me because he is a good person who does his job well. Only time will tell if he will return with the same passion for his job as before and I'll be damned if the court system and sly defense lawyers try to get this guy off on anything less than what should be coming to him. Public Servants ranging from Police and fire and like myself EMS need to know if someone attacks us that there will be swift quick and final justice.
  • by rick west Location: irvie,ky on Jul 21, 2007 at 07:11 AM
    please make more onfo available cause i live in estill co.


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