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Estimated 100,000 people watch Eclipse in Hopkinsville

BCTC group describes NASA eclipse project as "just beautiful"

Historic Eclipse leads to epic traffic jam

Kentucky girl's emotional reaction to Eclipse goes viral

Somerset gathers in downtown to watch Eclipse

WKYT Interactive| Images from Solar Eclipse 2017

EKU giving special view of Eclipse

Hundreds take advantage of viewing spots in Lexington

"It was amazing!" Kentucky shines on Eclipse Day

Last minute rush to get Eclipse glasses leads to long lines

Hundreds of Boy Scouts gather in Marshall Co. to watch the eclipse

Warnings about capturing the solar eclipse with your camera

Vatican official visits Ky. school ahead of solar eclipse

How to build your own pinhole eclipse viewer

Festivities begin in Hopkinsville ahead of total solar eclipse

Kentucky eclipse watchers could have slower cell service

Do pets need protection during the solar eclipse?

Kentucky historian talks myths, legends, history of solar eclipses

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