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Breaking Down The News: Fixing The Kentucky Juvenile Justice's Racial Imbalance

KY lawmaker pushing to eliminate racial disparity in juvenile justice system

Lexington overdose deaths rise prompting city leaders to educate community

WKYT Investigation Update| Supporters show up for Amish farmer's federal hearing

WKYT Investigates | State investigating Lexington food delivery business

WKYT Investigation| Amish farmer in jail awaiting trial, facing time in federal prison

WKYT Investigates: State struggling to find foster homes for kids in state custody

KY pharmacist hoping to stop drugs by educating young students

WKYT Investigates | No metal detectors installed in Fayette County schools two months after gun incidents

WKYT Investigates| Former UK doctors question foundation meant to support their own

WKYT Investigates: Airborne danger for police as overdoses continue to dominate

NC officer on leave after video of student being thrown down

UK Trauma Doc: 60%-70% of drug abuse starts with legal prescription, new protocol meant to help

Peer counseling: growing career trend in addiction recovery

Garrard Co. High School forms student club to address drug epidemic

Commissioner over state social workers: 'We're losing on both sides'

WKYT Investigates | UK surgeon fights to win back credibility after controversial dismissal

State officials warn of title fraud when buying a car

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