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KY pharmacist hoping to stop drugs by educating young students

WKYT Investigates | No metal detectors installed in Fayette County schools two months after gun incidents

WKYT Investigates| Former UK doctors question foundation meant to support their own

WKYT Investigates: Airborne danger for police as overdoses continue to dominate

NC officer on leave after video of student being thrown down

UK Trauma Doc: 60%-70% of drug abuse starts with legal prescription, new protocol meant to help

Peer counseling: growing career trend in addiction recovery

Garrard Co. High School forms student club to address drug epidemic

Commissioner over state social workers: 'We're losing on both sides'

WKYT EXCLUSIVE: UK surgeon fights to win back credibility after controversial dismissal

State officials warn of title fraud when buying a car

More homeless teens in Lexington worries city officials

WKYT Exclusive: The OD detectives, new roles to fight widespread heroin

WKYT Investigates: Drugs crippling Kentucky's workforce

Lexington police treating prostitutes as victims, focus on Johns and pimps

WKYT Investigates: KY weigh stations struggle to stay open

WKYT Investigates | Driver charged in Lexington crash that killed two had prior DUI

WKYT Exclusive: A day in drug court

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