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Thimble tossed! Game piece voted out of Monopoly board game

CBS' Charlie Rose to undergo heart surgery

Ghosting, shade, microaggression hit Merriam-Webster website

WATCH | With McCarthy playing Spicer, 'SNL' cranks up Trump satire

A rattlesnake in the toilet wasn't the worst discovery for one family

'Orange' is in on Netflix for Kentuckians

Jack Daniels rolling out whiskey-infused coffee

Taco Bell unleashing fried chicken shell

UK 'super-fan' Ashley Judd criticizes Chick-fil-A promotion

Canadian cops: Don't drive drunk, or we'll make you listen to Nickelback

Radio host, Lexington native using wedding registry to help others

Supermoon lights up sky Monday morning

Kentucky teens rescue friend from burning car

WATCH | Fan heckles pros; Gets challenged

Ryan Lochte rushed on "Dancing With the Stars" stage

WATCH| Crews free man stuck between buildings after bid to impress

KFC's new marketing gimmick: Giving away scented sunscreen

Uber to use autonomous cars to haul people in next few weeks

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