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Chris Bailey's Forecast | Nice days before some ugly shows up

Lexington farmers markets back on track after weather causes slow start

Jim Caldwell's Forecast | Storms lead us to some cooler air

Adam Burniston's Forecast | Storms and cooler air returning to the Commonwealth

Jim Caldwell's Forecast | From steam to storms

Chris Bailey's Forecast | Storms usher in much cooler weather

Chris Bailey's Forecast | A steamy weekend leads to storms

Jim Caldwell's Forecast | Steam surges back into Kentucky

Chris Bailey's Forecast | Tracking a steamy start to the weekend

Jim Caldwell's Forecast | Briefly refreshing before another steamy surge

Boy scout takes on service project for distinct honor

Chris Bailey's Forecast | A small taste of the good stuff

Jim Caldwell's Forecast | Typical Summer sizzle settles for a couple of days

Chris Bailey's Forecast | A cold front drops in tonight

Jim Caldwell's Forecast | Average Summer sizzle

Chris Bailey's Forecast | Another cold front on the way

Jim Caldwell's Forecast | A few typical summer days

Chris Johnson's Forecast | Heat builds in, storm chances make a return

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