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Adam Burniston's Forecast | Mild week ahead before wild patters returns

Chris Bailey's Winter Forecast | Colder, snowier with a wild 50-degree temperature drop one day

Chris Bailey's Forecast It's a busy pattern taking shape

Jim Caldwell's Forecast | Tracking a milder & wilder pattern

Chris Bailey's Forecast | A half and half weekend ahead

Jim Caldwell's Forecast | Gusty winds fuel a "Mild-up"

Jim Caldwell’s Forecast | A couple of cold ones

More than a dozen schools close ahead of winter weather

Chris Bailey's Forecast | Gusty winds and a few flurries

Chris Bailey's Forecast | Frigid winds continue

Jim Caldwell’s Forecast | The first snow maker of the week arrives

Jim Caldwell's Forecast | More flakes fly this week

Chris Johnson's Forecast | Light snow chances on the way

Chris Johnson's Forecast | More snow chances and cold air on the way

Adam Burniston's Forecast | A very cold end to the weekend across the Commonwealth

Chris Johnson's Forecast | Light snow continues, very cold conditions on tap

Adam Burniston's Forecast | First shot at snow accumulation moves in today

Chris Bailey's Forecast | Light snow on the way

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