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Jim Caldwell's Forecast | Several stormy days are coming

Jim Caldwell's Forecast | Spring warmth with rounds of storms

Jim Caldwell's Forecast | Rounds of storms are ready to rumble

Jim Caldwell's Forecast | Very stormy pattern is underway

Micah Harris' Forecast: Near 80° today with rain on the way

Chris Bailey's Forecast | Warmer temps will bring some storms

Micah Harris' Forecast: Now we can look forward to spring weather

Powell County fire spreads into wooded area

Chris Bailey's Forecast | Warm temps get ready to return

Micah Harris' Forecast: An incredible feel for the next several days

Micah Harris' Forecast: A short-lived cold spell

Micah Harris' Forecast: Small break in the spring weather

Chris Bailey's Forecast | A brief shot of chilly temps

Micah Harris' Forecast: An overall nice first week of spring

Chris Bailey's Forecast | A few storms on the move

Jim Caldwell's Forecast | Tracking true Spring-like weather

Jim Caldwell's Forecast | Signs of Spring are here

Jim Caldwell's Forecast | Spring-like temps are coming

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